10 Best Spring Cleaning Tips for your Home


No season can be ideal than spring for house cleaning. The season which gives rebirth to greenery, revive the plants and blossom the flowers. When everything is getting beautiful outside with gusts of fresh air, it is a perfect moment to clean inside of your house too.

Here is a list of 10 tips to clean your home effectively this spring.


  1. Prepare a Schedule

Creating a to-do-list along with the timing is the first step you want to take before jumping right into the cleaning battlefield. But even before creating a list, you must survey your home to identify the places and items which require cleaning. After that, create a list and mention timing. It is important to mention the time to keep focused on the task.


  1. Arrange cleaning supplies

The next thing you want to do is to arrange all the supplies—disinfectant, glass cleaner, soap scum remover, chemical sprays, etc.—and put them in a cleaning bucket so that you can easily carry them for one room to another.


  1. Self-Protection is important

Wear masks, rubber gloves, scarves, and protective clothing especially if you are allergic to dust. Apart from dust, sprays and chemical cleaners can also infect your skin. Therefore, protecting oneself is really important.


  1. Home de-cluttering

You must do de-cluttering every now and then to not accumulate junk. And during spring cleaning, it must be on the top of your list. Start with your wardrobes, closets, drawers, study table, racks and kitchen to get rid of unwanted, no longer useful, broken, and expired items.


  1. Top to bottom cleaning

A golden rule of cleaning is to start from the top and go downwards. This way, you don’t have to clean the same place twice. For example, if you clean your floor before cleaning your ceiling and walls, all the dust will ultimately accumulate on the floor. So act smart and start with the ceiling.


  1. Use music for motivation

House cleaning is definitely a boring and tiresome task. So to keep yourself motivated and energetic, play your favorite track to enjoy while working.


  1. Don’t forget windows

Some people just focus on the floor and completely ignore the windows, you must not do the same. But you want to clean your windows on a cloudy day because windows could dry up too quickly in direct sunlight which could leave streaks on the glass.


  1. Carpets must be deep cleaned

Shampooing of carpets might not be necessary every spring, but you must deep clean your carpets with a good vacuum cleaner to suck the dirt and dust and to restore the texture and color.


  1. Bathroom and Kitchen must not be overlooked

Have a closer look at your bathroom and decide whether it needs renovation or just changing the shower curtains and cleaning the medicine and cosmetic drawers will work.

For a healthy lifestyle, the kitchen must always be clean. And if you take good care of your kitchen throughout the year, you don’t need to do much during spring cleaning. Just clean your cabinets, drawers, pantry items and you are good to go.


  1. Clean your refrigerator

The best time for refrigerator cleaning is when you are running out of your grocery items. Due to fewer items, cleaning becomes easier. You can use a disinfected to remove the stains, or simply use a toothpaste—the chemicals inside it are very effective for stain removal.

Happy spring cleaning!

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