5 Best Restaurants in Burlington


5 Best Restaurants in Burlington Ontario

If there is something that Canadians love the most in Burlington, Ontario, it’s an amazing and tasty food of the city. Burlington is known for its amazingly delicious food and fancy restaurants. Eating out should be a pleasure. But this pleasure is incomplete if the restaurant is not as good as you thought it would be. How to find the best restaurant to enjoy a good meal with your family in Burlington? Simple. We have done the hard job for you. Just read this list of 5 best restaurants in Burlington and enjoy your meal next time you are in the town.


From the atmosphere to food quality, taste, presentation, the staff, and their service, everything is spot on. This Indian vegan-friendly is located at Brant St and is one of the most amazing vegetarian-friendly restaurants in the city. Making this list of 5 best restaurants in Burlington, this place serves excellent Indian and South Asian cuisine. One of its kind, the food is exciting to try and they usually serve anything the customers want. We personally like the restaurant a lot and whenever we have a mood for Indian food, this is our stop. Never disappointed, try it out with your friends and family and have delicious, exciting and mesmerizing food from this amazing and fancy restaurant.


Martini House is a fine dining restaurant providing a range of gourmet dishes. Their chef’s special menu is something pretty exciting and everyone can enjoy a large menu of deliciously prepared and aesthetically presented dishes with classic colors, rich texture, and super amazing aroma. One of the best and most exciting hand-made Gnudi is the restaurant’s signature dish. Enjoy a weekend out with your family and get yourself treated with some amazing food in the downtown area.


Located at Pine Street, son of a peach is as amazing as the name suggest. Although you should not go for the name, Son of a peach is not a candy bar where you’ll get sweet peach flavored gummy bears, rather it’s a pizza place and probably one of the best there is in the entire city. I bet you are going to like their unique flavors and rich taste that they indulge in their pizza. Son a peach is more a funky place where you can have amazingly mesmerizing and delicious food with your friends. When you go there, be sure to have their signature calamari. Bon Appetite.


This Walker’s Line restaurant is different than conventional and is surely one of the best in the town. Rust is a local restaurant that server pure Canadian cuisine along with some signature continental and European dishes. A big menu with fresh ingredients and season-best items, Rust bistobar cook food that smells good, looks great, and taste delicious. Be there to have a couple of signature dishes and you will surely keep on licking your fingers. Rust is one of the best in Burlington, and the chefs know a great deal about their job.


One of the most affordable and elegant restaurant that makes the list of best 5 restaurants in Burlington, Jake’s Grill is surely everyone’s favorite. Not only does this place serve good food, but it is also quite an open place for everyone. You can go there and enjoy your food with your family and friends. From grill to salads to pasta, they offer a lot of items on their menu and their unique taste and northern American aroma will make your appetite go crazy. Have a visit and enjoy a delicious meal in a bit crowdie but amazing place.

Surely, there are hundreds of amazing restaurants and food places that offer delicious and finger licking food in Burlington, but what’s the use if you don’t get to know about the 5 best restaurants in the town. So next time you plan to eat out either with family or friends, here are the few places you should try at least once.

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