7 Ways to Decorate Your Living Room With Flowers


The living room is the part of the home that hosts often use to entertain their guests, spend time with their loved ones, and kick back after a long day at work. Hosts can bring their living rooms to life by decorating them with colorful flowers, beautiful arrangements, and tiny little plants. Flowers can act as centerpieces for gatherings, or they can be placed strategically to benefit your health.


1. Short Bowl Collapsing Flowers

An arrangement of green or pink flowers looks elegant in a monocolored home because the pop of color isn’t too offensive on the backdrop of the rest of your decor. Short bowls look great with flowers that grow close to the ground or stick in clusters, like the guelder rose. You can also plant succulents of tiny cactuses in these bowls to create a stunning, low-maintenance piece.


2. Cocktail Style Basket

When arranging flowers in your home, your main goal should be to see them as you walk into a room. If they’re too tucked away, they may not get enough light or, worse, be completely ignored by your guests. To ensure your flowers get the attention they deserve, create a cocktail-style arrangement. All you need is flowers, a vase, and a basket or a custom opened birdcage.


Cocktail-style arrangements are excellent for hosts that need to move their flowers quickly to avoid curious children or excitable dogs. Add white candles, silverware, or books for a full look. To keep your blooms new and fresh, purchase a subscription for local flower delivery online.


3. Gigantic Vase Arrangement

Do you trust that the people in your home won’t knock or damage your arrangements? Then purchase a giant, eclectic pot that looks like it could fit outside and place it as a centerpiece for your room. If your coffee table is large enough, you can put it on top. Or, sit your arrangement on the floor near a window. Use flowers with full branches to create a beautiful art piece.


4. Country Inspired Flowers

You don’t need a farmhouse to bring a little country inside. A country-inspired arrangement uses everyday house items to dress up bouquets, like a milk jug, teapot, or cornucopia. Teapots are a definite favorite in the country flowers community. Don’t go overboard with the arrangement; two or three flowers in 2 or 3 colors are enough—for example, white, yellow, and red tulips.


Lavender flowers look great in a tall vase, but not so tall that you can’t see the stems. Plus, lavender can help with sleep and relaxation, which would work perfectly near your reading chair.


5. Minimalist Arrangement

Not into the big and flashy? There are flower arrangements that contain little to no color or are mostly made up of branches, like willow or eucalyptus leaves. To complete your minimalist look, place your branches in a featureless pot that matches your couch color, especially if you’re rocking a neutral tone like bleach or black. White flowers also look great in black clay pots.


6. Shelf Flower Pots

Our shelves can sometimes look a bit bare, but you can add clay pots with a knot design around your home in unexpected places. One of the best spots for plants is up high on the top of the shelf, but you have to make sure these florals don’t require too much maintenance. Low, square pots let your guests see flower petals instead of the pots, so you don’t need to be too choosy.


If your shelves are really high up, you could swap your flowers for hanging vines or spider plants, as that will give your home an eco-friendly farmhouse and greenhouse vibe.


7. Blooms in a Water Bowl

Instead of putting whole flowers in a vase, remove the bloom fully intact and place them in a bowl full of water. When having guests, you can bring this out as a centerpiece. Floating flowers still last a while without their stems, but you shouldn’t leave them overnight. Once you’re done, dry your flowers or boil them to create perfume. Roses are the best choice for this project.

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