Average Condo Prices in Vaughan in January 2023


Vaughan Condo Statistics

In Vaughan, the average housing price was around $1.29M in July 2022. That’s less than 0.9% or approximately $12,111 from June 2022 but high up to 2.9% if we have a look at prices in July 2021, this price was $36,756.


Condos are one of the most affordable and versatile construction styles in Vaughan. The average cost of townhouse-style condos in January 2023 is about $931,602 high 0.3% or $81,075 year-over-year and $3,002 month-over-over. After an average of twenty days, there were around ten townhome-style condominiums in the city at the month’s end.

The average price of apartment-style condos is $690,996, less 4.8% and 7.8% or around $50,266 year-over-year or around $35,004 month-over-month. There were forty-seven apartments-style condominium sales after an average of twenty days on the real estate market and at the month’s end the city had 280 active listings.


Current Condo Market Outlook

If we compare real estate data of January 2023 to a decade ago, the average sale cost of all condos and houses in the city has risen to 102% which includes a gain of $594,371 for the semi-detached houses, a gain of $518,658 for the townhouse-style condominiums, a gain of $875,652 for a detached house and a gain of $354,563 for apartment-style condominiums.


Average Condo Prices January 2023

The average housing price in Vaughan is around $1,527,577 as indicated by current Vaughan MLS statistics and in the last twenty-eight days it has 206 new listings. As of today, the city has 32 median days to sell a real estate property.


The average sold-out price in the city is around $1.5M with a monthly charge of 10.9 percent, quarterly change of 27.1 percent, and yearly change of 5.3 percent.


Price of 1 Bedroom Condominium

Vaughan has a different number of bedrooms having different prices. As of January 2023, the average cost of a 1 bedroom condominium is around $608K. This price was $596K about three months ago.


Condominiums with one bedroom are available for sale at different corners of Vaughan. One bedroom condo with one bathroom is available for sale at 702-48 Coles, Avenue, Vaughan, Ontario. The beautiful condo costs only $548,000.


Similarly, another one-bedroom condo with one bathroom is available for sale at 808-2 Maison Parc Court, Vaughan, Ontario. The cost of this condo is only $585,000.


Price of 2-Bedroom Condominium

Two-bedroom condominiums are also very common in Vaughan.  As of January 2023, the average cost of a 2-bedroom condominium is $777K. This price was $751K about three months ago.


A two-bedroom and the two-bathroom condo is available for sale at 303-8690 Jane Street, Vaughan, Ontario. You can be the owner of this house for only $844,000. Another two-bedroom and two-bathroom condo are for sale at 225-7900 Bathurst Street, Vaughan, Ontario. This beautiful condo costs only $689,800.


These were just a few examples. The city has a number of these houses for sale.



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