Average Home Prices, What can you afford in Fort McMurray with $400,000 to $600,000?


Fort McMurray

Fort McMurray is a famous urban area present in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo in Alberta, Canada. This is a very affordable Canadian city. The average cost of living in Fort McMurray is about $2,254. The average rent in the city for a 1 bedroom apartment in Fort McMurray is about $1,440 per month. The utility cost in the city is about $224 per month.


Moreover, Fort McMurray is famous for Athabasca Oil Sands but still, there is much more to this area than oil.


Average Housing Price in Fort McMurray:

According to recent Fort McMurray real estate statistics, as of 25th June. Currently, there are 395 housing properties available for sale. The average housing price in the city is about $431,278.91. The lowest-priced housing property in Fort McMurray is about $45,000. While the highest housing price in Fort McMurray is about $5,213,960. Research on the sales history of Fort McMurray represents that the property type includes single-family attached and detached homes.


Total 210 homes are currently available in Fort McMurray for sale. Out of 210, 40 are townhomes, 39 are apartments, 22 are semi-detached homes and almost 29 are land properties.


Homes for sale in Fort McMurray:

You can buy a house of unique construction style as Fort McMurray offers you a variety of construction styles including single-family attached, detached homes, townhomes, condos, semidetached homes, and apartments. Among these townhomes are the most common ones.


Almost three houses have sold out in the city during the last 28 days. This city has a 98 percent selling to listing ratio. The total of new listings in Fort McMurray is about 218.


What kind of houses can people afford in Fort McMurray?

Fort McMurray offers a number of affordable houses to buy. With a range of 400,000 to $600,000 three bed and three bath apartments are available at 349 Archibald Close, Fort McMurray, AB. These are available at the cost of $596,000. These apartments are about 1444 sq ft. bigger apartments with 4 beds and 2 baths are available at 133 Community Lane, Fort McMurray, AB. These are available at a cost of $619000. These apartments are about 1218 sq ft.


This price will go on increasing with the increase in the number of beds, baths, and total covering the area. Like 5 bed and 4 bath apartments are at the cost of $669,000.


Cheapest neighborhood to live in Fort McMurray:

There are a number of the best and the cheapest neighborhoods in Fort McMurray. One of the cheapest neighborhoods is the Abasand neighborhood. This area was once damaged by a forest fire in 2016 but now this area is full of large numbers of schools and hospitals perfect for families particularly with children. The next cheapest neighborhood is the Gregoire neighborhood that is situated next to downtown central and this makes it an ideal neighborhood to live in the city for working ones who want quick access. Most part is a residential area and is known as a small and welcoming community.



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