Average Home Prices, What can you afford in Leduc with $400,000 to $600,000?



Leduc is a Canadian city located in the province of Alberta. Families feel very safe in this city. According to the results of a poll that was conducted in 2016 by a local paper, 54 percent of the citizens of Leduc felt safe almost 40 percent of those individuals said that it was safer in Leduc than in Edmonton.


Moreover, Leduc is not only a safe city for families but it is also very affordable. The cost of living in the city is almost 12 percent less than Alberta’s average. While the cost of living in the city is 12 percent less than that of the national average.


Average Housing Price in Leduc:

Leduc has a very affordable average housing price. If you want to settle in Leduc, you can buy a house within the range of $400,000 to $600,000. Shaver says that with the growth of Edmonton constrained by communities present around it, the families that are looking to the south find Leduc. This is because the houses are more affordable, it is a great community, it is an employment center and you are still near to Edmonton.


If you want to buy a house within the above-mentioned range then these are available in different areas of Leduc. Prices will be different according to the area and location of the house. A four-bed and four-bath apartment is available at 194 Sheppard Ci Leduc, AB. The cost of this apartment is about $519,900. A cheaper house is also available at 420 Simpkins Li Leduc, AB. The cost of this apartment is $425,000.


Homes for sale in Leduc:

In Leduc city, almost two-thirds of the dwellings are single detached houses while the remaining are mostly townhouses and small apartment buildings. The main housing growth in Leduc has occurred during the year 2000. Leduc mainly consists of four or more four-bedroom and three-bedroom houses. Almost three-quarters of the housing properties in Leduc are occupied by homeowners while the renters occupy the remainder.


What kind of houses can people afford in Leduc?

Leduc offers many different construction styles within an affordable range. Condominiums being less flexible is not suitable for large families. But for small families, these can be a good choice. Single-family condos are available at 4906 47 AV 210, Leduc, Alberta. These are available within the same price range. The other architectural styles in Leduc are townhomes and detached houses.


Affordable neighborhoods to live in Leduc:

This city offers many affordable neighborhoods as well. One of the affordable neighborhoods of Leduc is south Telford. A single-family house in this neighborhood is available at the price of $414,900. This is quite an affordable price to buy a house in Leduc. The houses are available at even cheap rates. The other cheapest neighborhoods of Leduc include Lunsford Park, Bridgeport, Windrose, Robinson and the list goes on.

So Leduc would be a great choice if you want to settle abroad, particularly in the Canadian city.



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