Average Home Prices, What can you afford in Lethbridge with $400,000 to $600,000?



Lethbridge is the transportation, industrial, commercial, and transportation center of southern Alberta. This is an affordable city to live in. The cost of a single person is estimated to be about $989. This city is almost 24.40 percent less expensive than New York. Rent in the city is on average 74.48 percent less than the rent in New York.


Average Housing Price in Lethbridge:

According to recent Lethbridge real estate statistics, this city currently has 604 housing properties for sale with an average asking price of almost $334,030.50. The lowest-priced property in the city is available at the cost of $49,000. While the highest-priced property is available in the city at a cost of $200,000.


According to research, Lethbridge sales history housing property types include single-family attached and detached family houses, townhouses and the new Lethbridge real estate reports.


Homes for sale in Lethbridge:

According to Lethbridge real estate, this city has 604 new listings. Like many other Canadian cities, this city also provides a large number of different housing styles. These architectural styles include single-family attached and detached apartments, semi-detached houses, multi-family homes, townhomes condominiums, multi-family homes, and land properties.


Among 604 active listings, 334 are condominiums, 51 are townhomes, 107 are apartments, 40 are semi-detached houses, 25 are multi-family homes while 38 are land properties. From these statistics, we can easily predict that condominiums are the most common and affordable construction styles offered by Lethbridge.


What kind of houses can people afford in Lethbridge?

You can buy a brand new house and can be the owner of a fully functional house in Lethbridge. The most affordable ones are condominiums. 6 bed and 3 bath apartments are available at the cost of $519,900. These houses are available at 621 S Coulee creek Place, Lethbridge, AB T1K 8C1. The total area of these apartments is about 2,140 sq ft. So you can buy a house easily within the range of $400,000 to $600,000.


Within the same range 5 beds and 3 baths apartments are available at 3809 S Redwood Rd Lethbridge, AB T1K 4J8. These houses have a total covering area of 1,413. These houses are available at the cost of $500,000.


Cheapest neighborhood to live in Lethbridge:

If you are searching for a new place in Lethbridge to live in then obviously prices are the main factors in your choice. In the Lethbridge neighborhood the apartment rental prices have continued to rise over the years. Fortunately, even in the current year, there are many Lethbridge neighborhoods that do offer affordable abs budget friendly housing prices. One of the cheapest Lethbridge neighborhoods is 20 Berkeley Place West. You can easily buy a 2 bed and 1 bath apartment within the range of $400,000 to $600,000. Another cheapest neighborhood is 268 7A Ave S where you can buy your affordable dream house and the list goes on.



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