Average Home Prices, What can you afford in Red Deer with $400,000 to $600,000?


Red Deer

Red Deer is present in Alberta, Canada. Red Deer is located in the aspen parkland, an area of the rolling hills that is home to cattle production, grain, and oil. This city is a center for agricultural distribution, oil, and the surrounding area and the major center for petrochemical production.


Red Deer is quite an affordable city to live in. The total cost of living in the city is about $ 1,721. The average rent in the city for a one-bedroom apartment in Red Deer in the center of the city is about $1,024 per month and the city’s utility cost is about $192 per month.


Average Housing Price in Red Deer:

The median asking housing price in Red Deer is about $349,900, an improvement on the median about three months ago when it was about $359,000. The median housing price would be dependent on the number of beds. The median household price in Red Deer for a one-bedroom apartment is about $229,400 while that of a two-bedroom apartment is $249,900. If we talk about the median household price of a 3 bedroom apartment is about $314,700.


Homes for sale in Red Deer:

The homeowners in Red Deer occupy almost two-thirds of the housing properties while the remaining are rented. In Red Deer, a number of the buildings are mainly townhomes and single detached homes. Almost one-third of the housing properties in Red Deer were built up following 2000, while most of the remaining residential buildings were constructed in the 1960s and also in the 1980s. Red Deer is mainly composed of 3 bedroom and 4 or more bedroom houses.


This city offers three different housing styles in Red Deer including condominiums, townhomes, and detached houses. Among these condominiums are the most common and cheapest ones.


What kind of houses can people afford in Red Deer?

The cheapest 5 bedroom and 2 bath apartments are available at 4121 33 Street, Red Deer, AB. These are available at the cost of $300,000. These apartments have an average coverage area of almost 1049 sq ft. The houses within the range of 400,000 to $600,000 are easily available for sale in Red Deer. The 4 bed and 3 bath apartments, with a total covering an area of 1465 sq ft, are available at 18 Kirkland Close, Red Deer, AB. So one can easily have a house of its own with all the basic facilities.


Cheapest neighborhood to live in Red Deer:

Red Deer has a large number of cheapest neighborhoods that offer a number of cheapest homes. These neighborhoods include Anders Park. This area is considered a very prestigious neighborhood and it also includes a large number of houses from single-family to multi-family residential properties. Another cheapest and great neighborhood of Red Deer is Aspen Ridge. This is present in the southeast area of the city. This neighborhood provides more single-family homes, adult condos, and also many duplexes. There is a community park in this neighborhood that is amazing for families to enjoy.



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