Average Home Prices, What can you afford in Revelstoke with $400,000 to $600,000?



Revelstoke is located in the southeast region of British Columbia, Canada. This Canadian city is well known for having downhill snowsports but once it was a place known for ski jumping. Mount Revelstoke national park and Glaciers offer many hiking trails that feature dramatic landscapes, wildflowers. This city is not only a beautiful place to visit but also worth living in as it offers many jobs.


Homes for sale in Revelstoke:

The predominant housing type in Revelstoke is single detached homes representing roughly only two-thirds of the buildings in Revelstoke, while mobile homes and small apartment buildings built most of the remaining portion of housing stock.


Revelstoke has a good selection of housing sizes that range from lofts to two or more than two bedrooms. Almost three-quarters of the population of Revelstoke own their own house whereas the remaining are renters.  There was the construction of almost 45 percent of houses in the 1960s and 1970s, while the rest of houses were built up pre-1960 and in the 2000s.


Listings of houses in Revelstoke:

Revelstoke has almost 33,672 listings. Houses of different construction styles are available in Revelstoke. These construction styles include condominiums, townhomes, and detached houses. A condominium is actually a large property complex that consists of individual units. Ownership of these units usually includes nonexclusive text in certain community property which is controlled by the condominium management. A single-detached home that has so many names like detached residence, detached house, or a stand-alone house is a free-standing residential house. It is sometimes called a single-family home, conversely to a multi-family residential dwelling. A townhouse is a form of terraced housing. A modern townhouse is one with a small footprint on multiple floors.


What can you afford in Revelstoke with $600,000?

One can easily afford a house in the range of $600,000 with all the basic facilities. You don’t have to struggle as houses with an affordable price range are easily available in Revelstoke. If we talk about slighter cheaper houses than commercial houses with 3 bed and 1 bath are available at 751 Haines Road, Revelstoke, BC. These houses have a price range of $479,000.


What kind of houses can people afford?

If someone wants to buy a condo then these condos with 3 beds and 2 baths are available in Revelstoke. One can find these houses in 1896 Jade Place, Revelstoke, BC. These houses are very affordable with a good housing style and also available with all basic facilities. These condos cost only $579,000. One can also get a cheaper condominium at the cost of only $339,000.


Townhouses are available at 1318-2950 Camozzi Road, Revelstoke, BC. These are available in different price ranges depending on the number of beds and baths and also on the total covered area. But one can easily buy a townhouse at cost of $579,000 at 1896 Jade Place, Revelstoke, BC. These are the houses with 3 beds and 2 baths. And these houses are the best and enough for a single family to live in.



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