Average Home Prices, What can you afford in Victoria with $400,000 to $600,000?



Victoria is the capital of British Columbia. This city is located on the craggy southern end of the Island of Vancouver. This city is famous internationally as the city of Gardens because of its perfect growing climate.


Victoria City is an amazing place to visit for a weekend or the long weekends. This is a quite small city so you can have many attractions within walking distance. This is the beauty of Victoria. This is a good place to live as it is characterized by a clean environment. So if you are thinking of settling in a Canadian state then Victoria would be a good choice.


Average Housing Price in Victoria:

This city offers you many houses for sale. There are almost 1270 new listings in Victoria for sale represented by Victoria Real Estate Board Multiple listing service. The average housing price in the city was about 597.45 thousand Canadian dollars. But despite all this, you can still buy a house within the range of $400,000 to 600,000 with all basic facilities.


A 2 bed and 2 bath houses are available for sale at 603-1010 View Street, Victoria, BC. This house is available at the cost of $ 499,000. Similarly, a 2 bed and 1 bath house are available for sale at 207-595 Pandora Avenue, Victoria, BC. The cost of this house is about $ 599,000.


Homes for sale in Victoria:

In Victoria City, almost one-third of the dwellings are single-family detached houses. The remaining housing stock is usually duplexes and small apartment buildings. Victoria City also has a good blend of housing size options; it is also very easy to find housing properties ranging from the lofts to 4 or more bedrooms. Almost 60 percent of the population in Victoria City have their own houses while the remaining are renters. Almost one-third of the houses in Victoria were constructed between 1960 and 1980 while many of the remaining buildings were constructed pre-1960 and also in the 1980s.


What kind of houses can people afford in Victoria?

This versatile Canadian city offers you a house with three different construction styles. These are Townhomes, Detached houses, and condominiums. Single-family houses are also available at 2920 Cook St 401, Victoria, British Columbia. These are generally 2 bed and 2 bath apartments within the same range. A 2 bed and 1 bath condominium are also available at 1015 Johnson Street Victoria, British Columbia. The cost of this house is about $400,000.


Affordable neighborhoods to live in Victoria:

The number of neighborhoods in Victoria has also increased over the past few years. This is a famous spot for retirees. Many of the neighborhoods of Victoria offer livability factors to the owners of houses along with green space, big box stores, and dog parks.


The ten amazing neighborhoods of Victoria City to live in are Downtown, North Park, Burnside, Saanich Core, Hillside- Quadra, South Jubilee, North Jubilee, Fairfield, Fernwood, and Oaklands. You can buy an affordable house here and can enjoy an amazing lifestyle.



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