Average Home Prices, What can you afford in West Vancouver with $400,000 to $600,000?


West Vancouver

West Vancouver is the district municipality present in British Columbia, Canada. It is a wonderful place to live in Canada. It has one of the best public schools in Metro Vancouver so you do not have to worry about your kid’s education. You can buy an affordable house in West Vancouver. West Vancouver has virtually so crime. So, this is also a safe district if you are considering a move.


If you love outing and shopping then everything can be accessible to you within just the drive of a few minutes. This district rains constantly so you can often enjoy lovely weather.


Average Housing Price in West Vancouver:

The average housing price in West Vancouver is $1,302,112. The district has had almost 1,211 new listings in the previous twenty-eight days.  This district has 23 days on average to sell a house on the market.


You can buy a beautiful house within the range between $400,000 to $600,000. Houses are available with a different number of beds and baths. Their price will depend on their area and location. A 3 bed and 2 baths are available for sale at 2671 Ottawa Avenue, West Vancouver, BC. If you want a bigger and affordable house then it is also available. Such as the 6 bed and 5 bath houses are available at 2367 Nelson Avenue, West Vancouver, BC.


Homes for sale in West Vancouver:

In this district municipality, almost 55 percent of dwellings are single detached houses, and the remaining are mostly large apartment buildings. Almost one-third of the housing properties in this district municipality were constructed in the 1960s and 1970s whereas most of the remaining buildings were built pre-1960s and also in the 1980s. West Vancouver is mainly composed of 3 beds and 4 or more bedroom houses. Almost three-quarters of the housing units are homeowners and the remaining are renters.


What kind of houses can people afford in West Vancouver?

West Vancouver offers its buyers some different construction styles. These include condominiums, detached and attached houses, single-family homes, and townhomes. These housing styles are most popular among Canadian cities.


A single-family home is available for sale at 852 MACKENZIE HIGHWAY, West Vancouver, BC. This single-family house has one bed and two baths. In the same way, you can buy a house of any construction style in West Vancouver.


Affordable neighborhoods to live in West Vancouver:

West Vancouver offers you several amazing and affordable neighborhoods to settle in. The up-and-coming neighborhoods in this district municipality are Horseshoe Bay and Ambleside. The primary area of concern in this district for house buyers is house supply in the neighborhoods.


The ten most amazing and lovely neighborhoods of West Vancouver are Cedardale, Sentinel Hill, Dundarave, Chartwell, Caulfeild, Altamont, Bayridge, Horseshoe Bay, and British properties. You can buy your dream house in any of these neighborhoods. You do not have to live in a rented house. So you can enjoy quality lives in your own house in West Vancouver.



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