Best Activities to do in Oakville


Best Activities And Fun Things To Do In Oakville

Oakville, a suburban town in Ontario, is one of the best places to have fun since it has so many fun spots to be at. People fall in love with everything from the rich culture of the town and the lively people to the architecture and the general energy there. It’s the beautiful lakeside along with the booming oakville real estate market that makes this little town one of the most prestigious cities to live in amongst the Greater Toronto Area. On a warm summers day, The day is busy and the streets are crowded with the residents, visitors, while the nightlife has a whole different level of being fun.

The town is very populous and there is a diverse range of activities and fun things to do in Oakville. No matter if you are looking for a casual hang out with your friends or a high profile corporate party, Oakville has your back. Here are the things that you will love doing the most in Oakville.


Visit Downtown Oakville:

Downtown Oakville is actually the Old Oakville which lies in the south-central part of the town. It has multiple spots to hang out at and so many fun things to do. You can explore the traditional culture of the town here. The architecture and the buzzing lifestyle of the locals mixed with high spirits of tourists makes a very fine mixture. The bars and restaurants are amazing since they have quality and pricing which suit everyone’s needs. If you are in for art and history then the museums in Old Oakville are a must visit for you.


Explore Erchless Estate:

The Erchless Estate is a spectacular place to visit since the founders of Oakville have owned it. The estate is now a museum where the Chisholm family heirlooms are displayed. The gallery, the museum, and other buildings are masterpieces of the old architecture of Oakville. And the gardens are lovely with an old mysterious feel. Bring your camera along and you will get some amazing pictures for your Instagram timeline there.


Gaming In Narrow Escape:

Narrow Escape is one of the best gaming rooms in Oakville where all your gaming fantasies come alive. You can do mental exercises and have fun busting riddles with your friends there. The gaming room is full of fun games and engaging activities that satisfy your hunger for thrills and challenges. Just make a strong team and go smash all the records there with your amazing skills.


Movies at Film Ca Cinemas:

Done with all the rush of the world and need a fictional break? What better way is there to relax and have fun at the same time than to hit the movies? Film Ca Cinema is a 5 screen operating theatre in Oakville which gives you amazing movie watching experience. The entertainment is outclassed and the environment is just perfect, so go for movies there when you want to chill out with friends or alone.


Fun at Kidsopolis:

Kids need to feel the energy and spirit of being alive too, don’t they? The Kidsopolis is the perfect place for toddlers and children up to the age of 8 to have fun at. They can go for fun mazes and other games which challenge them and give them growth opportunities as well.


Vic Hadfield Golf & Learning Centre:

Golf is one of the best ways of staying busy, having fun and relaxing at the same time, isn’t it? Vic Hadfield Golf & Learning Centre is the ideal place for all the golf lovers in Oakville. The mini golf court and driving range are great with all the lovely stretches of greenery surrounding the center. Even kids who are hard to please are the fans of the hockey-themed mini putt there.


Hiking In Trans Canada Trail:

Trans Canada Trails have a portion running through Oakville as well. The lush greenery there and the rough terrain make up for a wonderful trekking trail. The beginner trekkers can go there and enjoy the magic of trekking too since it does not have a very steep hike.

There is a multitude of fun things to do in Oakville that you can enjoy alone or with your friends. So, gather all your energy and get in the high spirits for so much fun that you will be thoroughly refreshed.

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