Vaughan, Ontario is the seventeenth largest city in Canada and is one of the most densely populated cities. The city is a top tourist destination for tourism and sightseeing. People from all across the globe visit the beautiful and historical city of Vaughan for its wonderful sightseeing experiences. If you haven’t visited the historical city as of yet, plan your tour and get started. We have a complete list of activities that you are going to enjoy. Pull up your socks and plan your next family visit to Ontario today. But before, enjoy this amazing list of all the wonderful activities that the city of Ontario offers to the tourists.


Enjoy the Magnificent World of Wonderland:

Canada Wonderland’s is undoubtedly the most visited tourist destination. The place is crazy, exciting, adventurous, and offers tons of family outing options to the tourists. If you are up for roller coaster rides, this is the place you should be going to. Wonderland has one of the most dangerous and amazing rollercoaster rides in the world. Tourists from all parts of the country and even abroad, visit the city for this truly magnificent and crazy experience. Besides, Vaughan offers a stunning sightseeing experience.



One of the best activities that you can enjoy in Vaughan is mesmerizing, magical, and lively nightlife. Tons of adventurous places including clubs, bars, and cinemas stay open all night for the tourists. Enjoy crazy shopping sprees at the world famous Vaughan Mills. With over 200 retail stores and 35 eateries, Vaughan Mills is the biggest shopping center of the city. Also, you can have a great family time in the LEGOLAND Discovery Center Toronto. Enjoy beautiful family time and visit over 14 attractions in the area to cherish life at its best. This one particular experience is something you might regret missing.



Although the McMicheal Canadian Art Collection is world famous, there are a number of historical sightseeing destinations you might enjoy in your tour to the city. Six out of the group of Seven are buried in the famous cemetery near the McMicheal Canadian Art Collection. Besides, the world famous mind-boggling Museum of Illusions is nothing less of an adventure itself. People from all parts of the world visit the museum for its spectacular illusions and magic tricks.


Experience Canada’s Best wildlife:

Canada is famous for its diverse wildlife. Over 250 species of reptiles live in Canada’s largest indoor reptile zoo and education center. People, zoologists, and researchers from all parts of the world visit this mesmerizing indoor zoo to learn about the reptiles and experience the fearsome and most astonishing wildlife from close up. The main attraction of the zoo is Induna, the largest Croc in Canada that is around 3.4 meters long and weighs over 1000 pounds. Surely one of the best activity to experience and enjoy on your visit to Vaughan, Ontario, this mesmerizing zoo provides all sorts of entertainment and family time.


Famous Distilleries:

While Canada is famous for its magnificent wildlife, there’s another exciting activity to do in Vaughan. Vaughan, Ontario is known for its distilleries and the yummiest wine that is produced in the country. You might have to same yourself sometime and visit the famous Lake Wilcox Brewing co. and Last Straw Distillery, the two biggest wine producing areas in the city. The wine produced in the city is famous in the entire country, so there’s no chance you might want to miss tasting the amazing fresh wine from the distilleries.

There are a lot of other best activities that you will enjoy in your visit to Vaughan; however, these standout activities make Vaughan a favorite tourist destination for people from all over the world. So plan your tour, take your family or friends out for a recreational visit to the wonderful city of Vaughan. Enjoy the mesmerizing sightseeing and the best activities in the town.

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