Best Thai Restaurants in Toronto


Toronto is the most populous, the largest, and the provincial capital of Ontario. Located on the Lake Ontario’s northwestern shore, Toronto is a busy metropolitan city famously known for its finance, arts, culture, and of course food. Bering one of the central business hubs of the country, Toronto is a busy place. People from all parts of the world reside here seeking for jobs and business opportunity. For such a culturally diverse city, it becomes necessary to meet the needs and end the appetite of everyone living in the city.

Among many different cultural and ethnical diversity, the food of Toronto is famous for its diversity, and flavors from all around the world. You can find all kinds of cuisines here in this city. From Mexican to Chinese, Italian, Asian continental, and Thai, you can find all kinds of your favorite food here. But the most important fact is finding a good restaurant to eat. Thai cuisine is pretty common in Toronto, Ontario. There are a lot of fancy Thai restaurants. But finding the one that ends your appetite best can be a tough ask. Don’t worry, we have done the dirty work. We have prepared a list of all the famous and best Thai restaurants in Toronto. Read this list and start enjoying amazing Thai food.


Khao San Road:

Located at Charlotte Street, Old Toronto, Khao San is probably the best Thai restaurant hands down. Providing a blend of a perfect Thai meal with rich flavors and colorful textures, the restaurant offers some of the finest signature Thai dishes like Khao Yum and Green Curry Chicken.



Dishes like Laap (ground pork salad) and Northern Thai sausage are the specialties of this wonderful Thai restaurant. Even if you want to have a busy weekday lunch, you can grab a quick bite from this amazing and one of the best Thai restaurants in the hub of the city.


Golden Thai Restaurant

Just like their name, their exquisite dishes with elite taste and richest flavor are also golden. One of the best Thai restaurants in Toronto, Golden Thai is an epitome of taste, flavor, and diversity of Thai food. This is the one place you are not going to regret visiting. Trust us on this one. Visit the amazing Thai restaurant and have the best Thai food in the city of Toronto.



Sukhothai has a lot of branches. It is more of a brand when it comes about Thai food and restaurants. One branch of this famous Thai restaurant is situated at Parliament Street, Old Toronto. There are others as well spread around the city’s Hub. What’s most amazing about their food is the brilliance with which it is cooked and served. All the chefs and servers surely know their job and always provide that is exceptionally beautiful to look at and delicious to eat. There’s a takeout option as well and you can enjoy the yummy food on the go as well. The restaurant is small. There is not much chaos and that is the best thing about this restaurant. You can enjoy the best Thai food in isolation and silence.



Another amazing Thai cuisine restaurant from the owner of Khao San, the food at Nana is ridiculously Delicious. Situated at Queen street west, the place serves even more dishes than Khao San. Inspired by the street food of Thailand, Nana has an amazing menu with a list of delicious and perfect Thai cuisines. If you want to have the reminiscence of Thailand, this is a place you want to be. We bet you will get Nostalgic.

There are a lot of Thai restaurants in Toronto, Ontario that serve epic food. Thai cuisine is one of the most famous cuisines in Toronto. However, not everyone can make as good Thai food as the restaurants included in this list. So next time you want to have Thai food that is good, delicious, and flavor rich, make sure you check in at one of these best Thai restaurants in Toronto.

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