Best ways to decorate your bedroom


Your bedroom is your personal space. It is your sanctuary where you retire to escape from everything and relax. It needs to be a hub of your feelings, filled with your collections and favorite colors. It should be the kind of place which would make you forget all your troubles the moment you step in it.

It might be confusing for many to decide how the bedroom should be decorated. If you have been facing the same issue, let us make things easier by giving you some ideas for the purpose.


The color theme

The first thing you need to give attention to while decorating the bedroom is the color theme. It is indeed true that your bedroom should have your favorite colors. However, it is always a good idea to opt for a subtle theme.

Instead of decorating your room with bold colors, select some soothing colors with monochromatic tones. Such color tones give a cozy and comfortable feel to the room. Topaz, deep pomegranate of brown can be some shades that you can take a look at.


Give the ceiling a look

People often neglect the ceiling while decorating the bedroom. This is not a good idea. As you lie in your bed, it is not quite appealing to see a bland surface over you. Perhaps painting it with a soft color would do the trick? Ensure that the color you opt for the ceiling is lighter compared to the walls. This makes the ceiling look somewhat lower giving the room an intimate look.

You can also use wallpaper to make your ceiling colorful. Adding architectural elements is also an option wherein you can get some moldings or beams. Another option is to get a decorative paint treatment for the theme.

If you want your room to have a luxurious touch, you can get silver-leafed ceiling for your bedroom or perhaps a tented bed that is equipped with a dressing hanging from the ceiling can.


Simplicity is the key

The bedroom needs to be an epitome of coziness and comfort. It should be elegant and sophisticated. Therefore, keeping things simple is the best option. Do not clutter your bedroom with excessive items.

Ensure that at least three feet of distance is present between the bed and side walls so that your movement is not limited.  The distance between furniture like dressers or tables and bed should be a minimum of two feet.

The bedroom should only have the necessities. A bed, bedside tables on each side, a dresser with a chair should suffice. You can also get a chest of drawers in your closet. Beyond this, you will end up cluttering your room.

Do not go overboard with accessories. Select a couple of artworks that add beauty to the place. Add some candles and flowers to the room and put a few family photos if you like.  Your room is now decorated.

The key to decorating your bedroom is making sure that you have everything you need and that too in right size and quantity.

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