Why Consider Moving to Whitby, Ontario?


Whitby is a city located on the northeast coast of England, in the province (district) of Scarborough, North Yorkshire. It receives the same name of “Whitby”. It is the civil parish to which it belongs, which according to the census that was made in the year 2001, had then 13,594 inhabitants. The city is 76 km square width. From one of the York, it extends by both shores from the estuary to the Esk river. In that latitude, the English east coast yields the entrance to the North Sea. Therefore, the city of Whitby is more than to the marine side.

In this article, we will discuss about why you should consider moving to Whitby, Ontario. We will further discuss the average house price and what you can expect with the price range.


What you will find on Whitby

Whitby’s current economy is based on fishing and tourism. In the public domain, communication with the rest of Yorkshire and the entire northeast of England is carried out by rail and bus lines. Whitby has been the scene of several stories of film and television, and literary works like Dracula, by Bram Stoker, the most famous of them all.

In the Whitby area, many fossils have been found, including whole pterodactyl skeletons. Whitby is known for its well-preserved ammonite fossils. Those can be found on the seashore or bought at stalls and shops in the city.

On the municipal, there are three green ammonites, each with a carved head, as if they were stone serpents. The ammonites worked like that were sold earlier in Whitby as a religious souvenir, in memory of Saint Hilda de Whitby.

That black material for jet is the fossil buried in the forests of the remote past. Furthermore, it is also found in the cliffs. It has been used since the Bronze Age to make beads and other pieces of jewellery. It was already extracted in large quantities by the Romans, but reached its peak in the mid-nineteenth century, when Queen Victoria of England was seen among her jewels of mourning.

Whitby’s local history museum holds a vast collection of jet along with information on the archaeological and social history of this organic gem.

The modern port of Whitby is strategic place in the maritime communication with the continental Europe. With a proximity to the Scandinavian countries, it has capacity for the handling of a wide fan of merchandise. Among them are grain, products of steel, wood and potash. Ships with up to 3,000 tons of deadweight or DWT, are served at the docks, which have the capacity to load and unload two ships at a time. In 2004, there were 5,000 m² of dock for the storage of durable goods, and another 1,600 for warehouses for perishables.


House for Sale on Whitby

As you can see, you can find some historical and interesting spots in this city. Since the city is close to the sea side, you can easily travel to enjoy the sunrise and sunset scenery of the historical town. Check out homes for sale, you will find houses for sale under 1 million USD on Whitby. With that price range, you will -likely to get 3-4 bedrooms with 3000 sq. ft living space in average. There are also houses with customized kitchen and multiple fireplaces for sale.

Moving to Whitby is a great choice if you want to experience a classic view in the city with its historical York and Museum. The neighbourhood is great too with minimum criminal case.

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