City Demographics, Community & Lifestyle of Brampton


Brampton Population & City Demographics

Brampton is a city located in the province of Ontario in Canada. It is present in Southern part of Ontario. It is one of the best places to live in Canada.


Population and Demographics

Brampton is the ninth biggest city of Canada. Also, it is the third largest city in the area of Greater Toronto. Total population of this city is 593,638. This city has youngest community of Canada in GTA region having age of approximately 33.7 years. Many residents are attracted to this city due to vast businesses and its closeness to Pearson International Airport along with advance infrastructure of roads. This city is becoming a main location for factories, offices and corporate institutes.

According to a census, population of Brampton is increased approximately 13% from 523,906 to 593,638 within five years. Population density of this city is very high as compared to other regions of Ontario where  growth rate is only 4.6%.


Educational Background

The only public institute offering higher education is Davis Campus of Sheridan College. This college has  a campus in Oakville. Davis Campus also started Skilled Trades Center in 2017 for proper training in trading and other skilled programs. There is a special school of economics and business in this city. Universities present in the proximity of Brampton include York University in the north of Toronto and  University of Toronto Mississauga. There are two prime boards of school operating in this city. One board is Peel District School Board operating for public schools of secular Anglophone. While other board which only operates for Catholic public schools is Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board.


Households and Families

This city has approximately 164,525 households. 56,460 families are living in this city. Mostly families living are consisted of two people. Most of these families include married couples. Household with single parent is comprised of almost 28,565 families. Married couples living in this city having children make up approximately 94,600 portion of population.


Different cultures in the city

The culture of Brampton is made up of Anglo, Irish and Scottish heritage. This is not the only culture and heritage shared among  residents of this city because many other residents living in this city, have come from various parts of the world. There are century homes which are designated. These houses represent historical architecture of this city.  While thousands of homes have marvelous designs.


Real Estate Fact

Brampton has recently 168,010 dwellings of different types. Majority of such structures are considered detached houses. The city’s high in demand Real Estate market has made an increase surge in prices along with a rising number of Brampton houses for sale.

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