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Cambridge Ontario:


Cambridge is located in the region of waterloo. Its population is growing rapidly from the last few years, in 2006 it was reported 12037, while in 2011 the figure became 126,748 that increased to 129,920 after 5 years. According to a prediction, the population of the city is expected to increase up to 176000 by 2030.



Most of the residents in Cambridge have high school education or diplomas. There are 40 elementary and 7 secondary catholic public schools. Institutes providing higher education include University of Waterloo, Wilfred Laurie University, University of Guelph and Conestoga College. Along with academic institutes there are a number of small institutes that are offering skill building programs. Many institutes are directly linked with businesses for research, cooperative education and joint-support programs.



Mostly white people are living in the city (81%) and percentage of minorities is very low approximately 15.6% out of which 6.2% are South Asian, 1.1% are Chinese, 2.5% are Black, and 2.1% are Southeast Asian. Aboriginal are 3.4% in the city. Major religion is Christianity while other prominent religions are Sikhs, Muslims and Hindus. Non-religious people are only 15%. Many Pakistanis, Indians and Afghans are migrating to urban regions from their respective countries resulting in increase in population of Cambridge. The average age in Cambridge is 35.2 years slightly less than average national age, 21.6% of the population is under 14 years and 11% is above 65 years.



Median income of the individuals of city is $33.539 which is low as compared to median income in Canada $34,204. Mostly residents of Cambridge are administrative assistant, operations manager and human resources manager by profession with a salary between C$36,854 and C$71,069 annually. But the average salary in region is C$48,913. There are many factories located in the center of city i.e. automobile manufacturing, manufacturing and construction companies. Employers of Canadian general-tower, Lone Wolf Real Estate Technologies and Rimowa also live in Cambridge.


Real estate:

Homes in Cambridge are quite expensive but it is a best place for young couples and single families with basic facilities i.e. job, education and health facilities. Average house price in July 2019 was $501,531 which was up to 8.7 % higher than July 2018. But there was gradual increase in home price from the recent years as the market was stable throughout 2018 with average price approximately $492,315 that is increased upto 5% this year.


A new record was built in the month of July of 2019 that is 21.2 percent increase in the all home sales in comparison to the last years July and there were 296 new residential listings in the July 2019. In comparison to the history the overall supply was low.



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