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Fort McMurray

Fort McMurray is a city in the Northeast side of Canadian province Alberta, located in the middle of Athabasca oil sands. It is surrounded by boreal forest from all sides. In the establishment of the petroleum industry Fort McMurray has a significant role. It is also known as Fort Mac and Fort McMoney. It is rapidly emerging as real estate in recent years due to its petroleum industry and attracts peoples from all parts of Canada. It is regarded as the heart of the hubs of Alberta famous for petroleum production.


Educational Background of City

The needs of students related to primary, elementary, and secondary education are fulfilled by Public and Catholic school districts of the Fort McMurray. Each school provides different educational programs such as performing arts, French immersions, with high standard labs and technology. The only francophone school in the region that serves the students from kindergarten to 12th grade is Ecole Boreal. A vocational institute with the name of Keyano College is also present in the area that serves to train the workers for oil sand and petroleum industry.


Demographics and Population

The 2012 report showed that there are about 22386 units for dwelling in the city and  population is approximately 72444 residents. The annual growth rate of the city is about 6.1 percent. The estimatation related to increase in population of Fort McMurray is that it will increase up to 133300 within next 8 years.


Different Cultures in the area

It is a multicultural city that attracts peoples from other places. Almost half migrants of Fort McMurray are Albertans. About 17 percent people are originated from Labrador and Newfoundland. People from different religions or faiths are inhabiting the city including Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Jewish, and Buddhists. The peoples belonging from these different religions adopt their own cultures and traditions as well as civilizations. All these are a part of the community of the Fort McMurray.


Average Household Income

The average annual household income of Fort McMurray is nearly about $ 189,458. This income of the city is due to the growth and establishment of the petroleum industry that is making progress by leaps and bounds and s facilitating a number of residents in the city. Many families are dependent on the industry and its side works for their livelihood.


Communities in City       

There is a number of communities in the city. Fort McMurray is divided into different quadrants. In the Northern side Dickens field, Stone Creek, Timber lea, Thick wood, Wood Buffalo, Parson North are the main communities that are included in standard communities. South Communities constitute Beacon Hill, Gregoire, Grayling Terrace, Anzac, Abasand, Downtown, etc. All these communities are well-furnished and are a source of comfort for their inhabitants and promise good quality of life.

Fort McMurray is an excellent place that is the reason it is growing rapidly as a real estate and is becoming a source of attraction for peoples.



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