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Grande Prairie

Grande Prairie is the city located in the northwest Alberta, Canada, and in the southern side of Peace River Counter. This city is situated in the mid of Highway 40 and Highway 43, about 456 kilometers in the northwest of Edmonton.


Population and Demographics:

Statistic Canada conducted a census in 2016 and the population of Grande prairie was recorded as 63,166 individuals in which 23,676 were living in a private dwelling. It represents a change in the population of 13.5% from 2011 when its population was 55,655. With a land area 132.73 kilometer squares the city had a population density of approximately 475.9 per kilometer squares in 2019. According to the census in 2015 the population of the city was 68,556 which represented a change of 36.5% from 2007 when its population was 50,227.

According to the 2000 Census of Population, the city had a population of 127,427 individuals, 32,317 families, and 43,791 households residing in the city. The city had a population density of 1,784.6 people per square mile. The city had a city makeup of 13.5% African American, 4.42% Asians, 62% white, 0.8% Native American, 0.1% Pacific Islander, 3.34% from 2 or more races, and 15.905 from other races. 33% of the population were Latino or Hispanic of any race.


Educational Background:

The city has many elementary schools. 18 schools are operated by the Grande Prairie Public School District. Within the city total 10 schools are operated by Grande Prairie Roman Catholic Separate School District No.08. The other regions of the city reside within Cedar Hill, Mansfield, Midlothian, Irving, and Arlington School Districts. The boundaries of the school district do not follow the boundaries of city and county because, including the school district boundaries, all the aspects of school district boundaries are separated from county and city government entirely excluding Stafford Municipal School District in Houston Area.


Communities and Culture:

It is a city with 8 neighborhoods. One of the famous neighborhoods of the city is Muskseepi. This city is a hub of the art and culture in the region drawing the residents from far and near to be inspired and entertained. Besides comedy and music. residents can also watch many shows that Grande Prairie hosts with the national, international, and local artists. Many art exhibitions display at the Art Gallery of Grande Prairie which is the second-largest art gallery in Alberta.


Families and Average Household Income:

The median age number of the city represents that Grande Prairie is the youngest city of Canada having a median age of 31.9. The 2019 Census of the population reported that the city has households of 22,218. The majority of the individuals in the city have a national median income more than $105,555. The females had an average income of 428,184 while males had $35,300.


Real estate fact:

This Canadian city has 408 homes for sale and their cost ranges from $5.5K to $785K. The city has affordable duplex and multi-families’ triplexes. The city has 131 rentals and their rent ranges from $ 665 to $3.5K per month. The most expensive neighborhood is Mira.



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