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Kelowna is located in the southern interior of the Canadian province, British Columbia. It is a city that is situated in the Okanagan valley right on the Okanagan lake.  It acts as the main head office of the regional district of Okanagan. In Okanagan language, the word Kelowna means “grizzly bear”. Kelowna is the 22nd biggest city of the whole Canada and 3rd largest metropolitan area. The Okanagan Lake Bridge has added to the attraction of the city by solving the problem of traffic during visits of tourists.


Population and Demographics

The population of the city according to the census of January 2020 consists of 142,146 residents. But according to a report, the population in the metropolitan area has increased up to 217,299. It is thought that the population of Kelowna grows at a very rapid rate. About 51.6 percent of the total population are females and 48.4 percent are males. English is predominantly spoken in Kelowna, Canada. Under-five years, the percentage of children is 4.8 %.


Communities in the city

The central and prime location of Kelowna at the lake makes the city very fascinating and charming for the fun lovers and adventurers. The famous communities in the Kelowna are Springfield and Spall, Crawford estate, Mission, Glenmore, Big white, Ellison, Clifton, University District, Dilworth Mountain, Black mountain, etc. In short, the hustling and bustling city of Kelowna has everything in it.


Cultures in Kelowna

The 6.2 percent of the population of Kelowna consists of visible minorities including Chinese, Japanese, South Asian, Filipino, Black, Latin American, and Arab. 15.1 percent population of the city is foreign-born. This rapid increase in the population of the city indicates that is emerging as a successful and developed real estate due to its high standards of living and the number of amenities available here for the residents.


Average household income in Kelowna and number of Families

In Kelowna, the average income of a family is about $ 89,977.60. On the other hand, $ 75,233 is the average household gross income in Kelowna. Kelowna is highly demanded real estate of British Columbia due to its furnished and well equipped residential areas and neighborhoods that are located at a very short distance from the utilities.


Educational Background

The educational standards of the city are also very high. The public schools of the city are operated and managed by the School District 23 Central Okanagan. Different secondary schools are located that offers services from grade 8 to grade12 like Rutland senior secondary school, George Eliot secondary school, etc. Different middle and elementary schools are also serving the residents. About 20 elementary schools are present in the premises of the city. Some private schools also offer their services like Heritage Christian school. Okanagan Adventist academy, Aberdeen Hall, etc. the sub-campus of University of Columbia is also present here. All these institutions guarantee the secure future of children’s in terms of education.



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