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According to Canadian 2016 census, population of Markham city has increased from 301709 in 2011 to 328966, with an increase of about 9%. This makes Markham city 16th most populous city of Canada. Total area that Markham covers is approximately 81.99 square miles. The median age of Markham people is 41.1 years.



The interesting fact is that in this city Canadian are now becoming a minority while other communities are growing faster. About 77.9% of the city’s population consists of minorities.


Almost all people living in Markham city have Canadian citizenship. This city has the most noteworthy minority population of 72.3% of any Canadian city.


It is one of just eight major cities with no racial majority group. About 40% individuals in Markham are East Asian, more than 27% are White, over 19% are South Asian, close to 4% are Southeast Asian, just over 3% are West Asian, 3.2% are Black, and 1.9 % are blended race.


About 30% people in Markham do not follow any particular religion. While, remaining residents primarily follow Christianity, while there is also a small mix of Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and Jews.


Educational background of city:

Business management and public administration are the major field of studies in Markham, about 44,215 residents have studied this subject. After this almost 10,395 individuals have studied Information and computer science, 42875 people have studied Architecture and engineering courses while 13,535 people have studied health professions. Almost half the population of Markham has post-secondary certificates, diploma or degree.

No of residents and marital status:

According to 2016 census 70% population is married (170,415) and 103,160 individuals are unmarried. Median number of children in all families is 2 and total number of couples with children are 54,400.


Average household income

As per 2016 Census, each family of Markham had $95,776 average household income in 2015, positioning it second among all municipalities in Ontario. More than 37,220 people of Markham have approximately $100,000 average income, 15,535 residents have income higher than $150,000, while 12,615 residents have household income in between $100,000 to $124, 999. The average total income of couple having economic families with children in 2015 was calculated as $135,335.



Markham is Canada’s most ethnically different place – a magnificent spot for everybody to live, work and play! Found at te North of Toronto Ontario, Canada, City of Markham is a lively district for more than 353,000 residents. After seeing unique historical cities such as Unionville and Thornhill, Markham offers a heritage experience. These vibrant neighborhoods are beautiful locations for shopping, dining and exploring. With more than 150 km of hiking and walking, Markham is a great city to enjoy on the road. Whether you’re looking to escape from the city, or are dreaming of living in a big city with a small-town feel, or walk back in time at Markham’s 25-acre heritage museum.


Real estate:

Average house price in Markham has decreased to $991,068 from the last year price $1.03 million. It is almost 3.6 % lower than the last year price. This city is also in the midst of its fruitful Markham 2020 economic strategy that has given a boost to employment opportunities in this region.


Average house price in Markham is $ 912,437 with 617 new listings in the last 2 months Markham’s average home price is $ 968,800. Investors looking for properties in Markham are likely to find 4-bedroom homes on offer this month mostly, with 3-bedroom potential investment properties being the second most popular. Price of a 3-bedroo house is $1.0M and of 4-Bedroom is $1.3M.



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