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Medicine Hat

It is located along the South Saskatchewan River in the province of Alberta. Medicine Hat is the 6th largest city in Alberta with respect to population It is located at a distance of 295 km from the city of Calgary and 195 k from the city of Lethbridge. This city is also famous with the titles The gas city, The Med Hat, and The hat. Large natural gas fields became the cause of the popularity of the Medicine Hat. It led to the industrial development of the area. Due to its three reservoirs of gas in the city. Medicine has which was started as a Railway station is now located on the Trans-Canada Highway.

Medicine Hat is always considered as a very gathering place due to its well-established economy.


Communities in the city

Medicine hat is generally considered as a place to stop due to its industrial development and attraction due to cottonwood trees. A number of communities are present in the city such as Cottonwood present above the Cottonwood Golf, Crescent Heights, Crestwood and Norwood, North Flats, Hamptons, Park Meadows, Ranchlands, Park view, Riverside, River Heights, Ross Glen, South Flats, Saamis Heights, South Vista Heights, Southlands, Southeast Hills, South view etc.


Population and Demographics

The population of the city recorded is 89,789. The total number of private dwellings in the Medicine Hat is 27,990. English is identified as the very first language adopted by the residents of the city. About 89 percent of the population speak English as their first language. Some other common languages are Dutch, Chinese, Ukrainian, and Polish.


Cultures in the city

79 percent of peoples in the city are Christian. 20 percent of peoples shoed no religious affiliation. Among these Christians are the Roman Catholics, Lutherans, Anglicans, Presbyterians, etc.


Educational Background of Medicine Hat

The educational need of the people of Medicine Hat is fulfilled by School District No. 76 of Medicine Hat. Three secondary schools are part of the school district like Alexandra Middle School, Medicine Hat High School, and Crescent Heights High School. Nearly about 12 elementary schools from kindergarten to grade 6 are also working for the betterment of students within the city premises. A special school for disabled people is also working in the school district. BHTH Institution that is a particular part of the international education association of western Canada that deals with different educational programs in the city. Selected schools in the district provide French Immersion programming. A francophone school also works in the city. In the southern part of the city, Medicine Hat college is also present that also supports different sports programs.


Average Household Income

The average household income in Medicine hat is $ 98,207 before the payment of taxes to the government. But after the taxes are paid, the median household income in Medicine hat becomes nearly about 66,290 $. This average household income and median household income appears fascinating for the residents and compels peoples from different parts of Alberta to relocate to Medicine Hat.



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