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Mississauga is a fast-developing multicultural city. Canada’s Statistics indicate that Mississauga presently has 734,000 individuals, an expansion of 150,000 residents happened at the start of 21st century. Furthermore, population has generally multiplied in the previous quarter century. Additionally, Regional Municipality of Peel reported that in 2016, city of Mississauga had a population of 756,000. Mississauga is presently the third most crowded city on the Great Lakes.



50% population of the city has a white ethnic background and 20% are from Southern Indian heritage. The next two largest groups in minorities are Chinese and Black. More than half of Mississauga people have a native language that is not English. English is the only language used by approximately 90% of the Mississauga population. Approximately 10% population is at retirement age, which is 5% less as compared to 15% across Canada. Christianity is the predominant religion followed by 60% population of Mississauga according to 2011 census. Islam was the second major religion (12%). The number of working-age residents in Mississauga was 68.5% – probably a very large number for the region’s prosperity. It is second only to Russia in all G8 countries.


Average household income

In Mississauga, middle family unit pay is $83,018. That implies occupants would discover them themselves short $10,261 to buy a home esteemed at $683,819. In Brampton, family average salary is approximately $87,290.



Mississauga has a large number of Jews, with a dynamic network, social activities and special festivals.


The town of Streetsville holds its yearly Bread and Honey Festival each first few days of June at Streetsville Memorial Park to honor the establishing of town of Streetsville


Other main culture celebrations in Celebration Square region include Fiesta Ng Kalayaan celebrated by Philippines, Viet Summerfest celebrated by Vietnam, Muslim festival for Muslim people community, and Mosaic Festival which is the biggest South Asian multi-disciplinary expressions celebration in North America.


Real Estate

Mississauga land is confronting a genuine moderateness issue, which majorly affects the city’s white-collar class. Normal workers wind up winning an excessive amount to fit the bill for financed lodging, and too little to even think about affording the rising costs. In any case, presently Mississauga Outlines Plan to Create Affordable Housing for Middle Class


The normal cost for a home in Mississauga is $685,860. Mississauga normal home estimation has gone up 5.5% as compared with same period a year ago.


There is expensive luxury housing as well as affordable housing around the city with a special and comfortable home feeling for visitors and residents. About 878,000 residents of Mississauga are unevenly spread over the city but a smaller number of individuals are living at the established costly territories. The up to date regions are attractive for young buyers who want to live in modern areas.



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