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Pickering Ontario: The Community & Living Journal

Pickering is a city situated in south of Ontario. It is present at easthern side of Toronto in Durham Region.


Population and Demographics

There was a rapid increase in population in post war era during the last years of twentieth century.  Population growth of this city is a result  of  migration of non Canadian from all over the world for suburban housing. Growth rate of this municipality has increased up to the level of 10.3% between 1996 – 2001. The rate of population growth has been decreased after 2001 according to 2016 census.

English is the mother tongue of almost 76.7% population living in this city. While 2.4% of its residents speak Urdu, 1.7% people speak Tagalog, Pilipino or Filipino , 1.6% people speak Tamil, 1.3% people speak Italian and 1.3% people use Farsi language throughout the century.



Southern Pickering is basically suburban community along with industrial areas which are restricted to  Nuclear Generation Station of this city. There are various communities in this town including Liverpool Market, Fairport Beach and the Rouge Hill. North part of municipality has agricultural and rural communities. Most of the rural communities include Whitevale, Brougham and Claremont. Many communities of this city have their prehistoric churches and estates. Dixie is the rural community on small scale along with many buildings. Film industry also plays an active vital role in communities of this city.


Educational Background

There are some boards operating in Pickering for promoting education including Durham District School Board, Durham Catholic District School Board along with two other Conseil Scolaire centers. This city has started offering graduate certificate programs with the collaboration of the Durham College and Centennial College Joint Learning site present in the north of pedestrian bridge. A number of classes and  complementary courses are also offered there. So most of the population has high school education.


Households and families

A number of residents move to this city for earning proper household income. Average salary of an employee working in Pickering is $44,059. Mostly popular jobs offered in Pickering include House Resources Generalist, Office Manager and Operation Managers. Their pay is approximately in between  C$43,850-C$73,000 annually. Industries are also working in this city. Most famous industries are  construction and manufacturing industries along with Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industries. Some famous employers of Pickering are Howard Marten, Eco Tec Inc., and Bruce Power Inc.


Real Estate Fact

This city provides many new developmental houses for people who are working in Toronto along with its proximity. There are some older commercially established and developed areas. North part of municipality of Pickering is rural. This city offers a large number of waterfront activities for tourists and residents located at north of the shore of Lake Ontario. A number of recreational and sports activities are also offered to tourists and residents.

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