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Red Deer

Red Deer is a city in the Canadian province, Alberta. It is found near the central point of Edmonton-Calgary corridor and Red Deer County surrounds the city of Red Deer. It is situated in such a location that is enriched with oil, cattle production, and grains. It is found in the region of rolling hills that is aspen parkland that is home for agriculture and oil. That is the reason that the region has the characteristics of booming and serves as the center of petrochemical production.

That’s why peoples from all over Canada are attracted to the Red Deer for its various opportunities of jobs and employment. The city has a long list of various standard neighborhoods that are all equipped with the latest and necessary amenities and provides the residents with a quality life.


Demographics and Population

According to the census of 2019, the population of the city is 101002 that was 99,832 in 2016. It means that it has increased at a rate of 1.2 percent. The median age of the residents of the red deer is about 36.1 years. English is considered as the first language of about 83.5 percent of people, some other common mother tongues are also used such as Spanish, Chinese, French, and Arabic.


Cultures in the area

The famous minority groups in the city that are visible include about 6.3 percent Filipino, 1.8 percent Black, 1.8 percent Latin American, 1.4 percent Chinese, 1.7 percent South Asian, and 0.7 percent Southeast Asian. About 77.4 percent of inhabitants are white and the aboriginal population is 7.1 percent. It is regarded as the cultural area of the province. It is a hub of different cultures and arts events. Red Deer hosts a number of events such as the Red Deer Museum, Ignition Theatre, Alberta Theatre, Red Deer Symphony Orchestra, and Red Deer Royals, etc.


Average household Income

According to a study in 2017, the average household income of a family in Red deer is about $ 95,630. This income is comparatively larger than other cities of Canada. The high employment rate in the city is due to the presence of petroleum industries and other natural resources.


Communities in the area

Home seekers can find diverse places in the Red deer for living and establishing their houses. For the convenience of the residents, the Red Deer is divided into three sectors or quadrants: Downtown Red Deer quadrant, South Red Deer, North Red Deer. All these quadrants contain duplex condos, houses, apartments, and townhomes, etc.


Educational background of the city

Schools in Red Deer are operated by three different school authorities which are Red Deer Public School District, that manages about 30 different schools offering French immersion from grade KG to grade 12. This district is of international popularity and not only serves the children of the Red Deer but also welcomes the students from different regions of the whole world at the international level. Similarly, Hunting High schools also offer a number of programs in different fields. For post-secondary education, a Red Deer College established in 1904 is also serving the inhabitants with a number of degree programs, certifies diplomas and apprenticeships, etc.



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