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The city of Revelstoke is located in Southeastern Columbia, Canada at a distance of 415 km from the west of Calgary and 641 km from the east of Vancouver city. According to seasons the population of the city of the Revelstoke fluctuates and shows different variations in its numbers. The actual residents of the city in the year of 2018 were 14570. Revy, the stoke and the Revel stuck are the nicknames of the city. Tourism is considered the base of the local economy after the construction of the Trans-Canada Highway. Revelstoke Dam constructed on the Columbia River is also located in Revelstoke city.


Cultures in the Revelstoke

The population of Revelstoke is a mix of different minority groups and in fact, it is a mix of different cultures. The visible groups in minority are South Asian, Southeast Asian, Chinese, Filipino, Black, Latin American, Arab, West Asian, Japanese, and Korean.


Population and Demographics

All these mixed minority groups constitute a total 4.2 percent of the whole population. The maximum number of migrants from these minorities are south Asian and Filipino. European Canadian is about 0.3 percent part of the whole population. The Aboriginal population is about 5.5 percent of the total. The total population of the city is very small as compared to the other cities of British Columbia. The population of the city is 7547. The median age of the inhabitants in the city is about 39.1. The majority of the peoples in the area are married that constitute about 42.3 percent of the total population.


Communities in the city

Revelstoke is home to a number of communities that could be selected as a home away from your own home. Flowt bikes and Skies, Powder Pillow bed, The River City Pub, etc. are the excellent places to visit in the city and offer you an adventurous tour of the city of Revelstoke.


Educational Background of city

The city has a standard educational background and offers its residents a lot of educational facilities. Public schools in the city of Revelstoke and the surrounding area are operated by the School District 19 Revelstoke. One francophone school in the area is operated by the Conseil Scolaire francophone de la Colombie-Britanique. A majority of the population have completed their high school education. About 20 percent of the residents have completed university education and there is also a large group of peoples who have finished apprenticeships.


Average Household income

In Revelstoke, the average household income is about $ 74,659 per year. Revelstoke is rapidly emerging as a developed real estate and is suitable for all families. Peoples feel satisfied while moving here due to a large number of career opportunities and working sites. In fact, we can say that Revelstoke is a place that is excellent for raising a family.   

Almost all the facilities of life are present in the Revelstoke from health to education and Transportation. In short, it is not a congested area and that is the reason it should be selected for bringing your children up.



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