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Squamish is a town in the North of Vancouver, situated in British Columbia of Canada. It is located on the Northern side of the island-dotted Howe sound. The surroundings of Squamish are covered with mountains like a huge granite monolith and the Stawamus Chief.


Population and Demographics

According to the recent census, the population of Squamish is approximately 21,124. This population is expected to rise in the upcoming years. It has been observed that the population of this city has increased by 2.74% in 15 years. In this town, the population of men is almost equal to women. Almost 10.1% of the population of this area is found to be formed by the people having the age of 35 to 39 years. The majority population is of middle-aged persons having no difference in the number of males and females. People having age below 20 years and above 90 shows a greater discrepancy between the two genders,



This town is working as a federation of local government and providing many local, regional, and sub-regional services to the residents of this town comprising 4 municipalities. These communities work in coordination for the betterment of its residents. The four communities of Squamish are Lillooet, Whistler, Pemberton, and the Squamish community. These communities collaborate for the organization of social as well as recreational activities. It is the center of various faiths. Squamish has various religious organizations and eleven churches. People can go to the Squamish Public Library to read books, magazines, and newspapers. A museum is also present in the proximity of the library. The cultural musical festival is organized in this area. McDonald’s is also present there along with other hotels and resorts.


Educational Background

There are five public English Elementary schools which are Mamquam Elementary, Valleycliffe Elementary, Brackendale Elementary, Squamish Elementary, and Garibaldi Highlands Elementary. Besides public schools, there are three private schools for students of grade 7 to grade 12. The private schools present in this city are Cedar Valley Waldorf School, Coast Mountain Academy, and Squamish Montessori Elementary School. Higher education is also available for post-secondary students. For post-secondary education, Capilano University and Quest University are providing its services. A campus of Quest University has been accommodated by Coast Mountain Academy of Squamish.


Families and average household income

There are many families residing in Squamish, the total number of residents according to a current survey is 21,000 approximately. The average household income level of a family residing in this town is more than $88,366. This average household income has been drastically increased in the past 5 years from $69,995 to $88,366.


Real Estate Fact

Squamish has almost 20 new home developments with both high and low price houses. There are almost eight condos along with 88 units under construction by these schemes. The average price for a multi-family house in this town is $916,350. This town has 4 single family home developments along with 8 townhouse developments at the average price of a low rise house of $354 per square foot.



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