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According to Canada Statistics, Vaughan is one of the fastest growing cities in Ontario with a population increase of 6.2 percent from 288,301 in 2011 to 306,233 in 2016. The estimated population of 2018 was 323,223 with an increase of about 8272 individuals. Visible minorities comprise 35.4% of the population. Vaughan has little yet growing Chinese, Hispanic, Jamaican, and Indian and Vietnamese populations.


No of residents and marital status:

According to 2016 survey almost 154,490 residents of the population are married while 67,875 people are unmarried. Average family size of the city is 3.2 and number of couples with children are 52,035



This city is treated as a modern place for residents. It has a part of the most astounding number of southern Europeans (strikingly Italians), Russians and Jewish individuals in Ontario,


As per 2016 Census, English is the first language of 45.2% residents of Vaughan. Italian is the mother tongue of 12.3% population and other languages of the city include Russian 6.8% and Spanish 2.4%. Main part of population with language Punjabi, Tagalog (Filipino), Hebrew, Persian, Mandarin, Urdu, Cantonese, and Vietnamese has a growth rate extending from 1.5% to 2.9%, implying Vaughan’s high phonetic diversity.


Starting at 2011, 60.62% of the city’s population holds fast to Christianity, generally Catholicism 46.23%. The individuals who practice non-Christian religions on the basis of their size are arranged as, Judaism 15.28%, Islam 4.92%, Hinduism 4.50%, and Buddhism 2.52%. The individuals who don’t have a religious represent 10.04% of the population.


Average household income

This city has an average income of $ 105,351, indicating there is a $ 30,728 difference between income and home costs. This gap places Vaughan as Ontario’s third most informal community.


Out of whole population, a large group of individuals have income ranging between $10,000 to $79000. Median income after tax income of economic families is 98,601 which is less than other city’s median income.



Culture plays an important role in the city. Every society has a different culture. It makes community bonds by making individuals to live in a diverse and modern environment. It also supports city-working by attracting organizations and travel industry.


The City of Vaughan offers an assortment of projects and occasions to commemorate contrasts in culture. Inhabitants, visitors and organizations are encouraged to join and to help social networks across the city.


Real Estate

Vaughan is the 6th richest city in Canada. Interesting to know that majority of the population consists of youth who are highly skilled in the workforce and possess some type of post-secondary qualification. This has resulted in a real estate market boom with housing prices that see steady growth on an annual basis.


Woodbridge has seen a major increase in home development over the years. Visitors can expect to see a mixture of historic homes, newly developed low-rise condos and a few detached houses


Thornhill has seen growth in condo development, resulting in a very competitive market in a very small space.


Kleinberg is home to some of the largest homes in the Vaughan area, offering several individual homes that occupy several thousand square feet.



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