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Waterloo, Ontario



As stated by 2016 Canadian census, population of waterloo, Ontario is 104,986. (Sources other than census has shown high population because of better treatment of students.) As stated by 2011 Canadian census, population of waterloo was 98,780, an elevation of 1.3% observed from 2006. The population density was 1,542.9 per square kilometer. 37.6 years is median age of residents which is lower than the national median age at 40.6 years of age. There are almost 42,984 dwellings with an occupancy rate of 87.3%. As stated by the 2011 National Household Survey, $324,837 is the median value of a dwelling in waterloo which is bit greater than the national median value at $280,552.


Household income

The median household income is about $78,000 per annum in waterloo region-Guelph corridor but it differs widely on neighborhood, as stated by statistics Canada data.  After taxes median household income in waterloo is $67,150 which is appreciably higher than the national average at $54,089.



Most common community origins in Waterloo according to 2016 Census are German 23.3%, English 23.1%, Canadian 21.2%, Scottish 18.3%, Irish 17.4%, Chinese 9.9%, French 8.4%, Dutch 5.0%, Polish 5.0% and East Indian 4.7%. From the 2001 census data, residents are predominately Christians with 27.8% affiliated with Catholicism and 43.1% affiliated with Protestantism. These numbers are excluding the post-secondary students temporarily living in waterloo. No affiliation is the third largest group with 17.5% of the population. Other religion minorities are 2.8% Muslims and 1.6% Hindu.



Original European settlers of Mennonite families who migrated from Pennsylvania in early 1800s have strongly influenced history and culture of the region. People can still experience Mennonite culture by visiting St. Jacobs and giving a horse drawn trolley tour of Mennonite farm. They can also check out antique shops or galleries in the village. Waterloo region museum is the largest community museum in Ontario and displays many exhibits. Families surely enjoy there. The cities in region provide information and maps for self-guided walking tours so people can see interesting industrial artifacts and explore beautiful heritage neighborhoods.


Real estate

Waterloo real estate market continues to tilt heavily in favor of seller despite being slowing sales in August, while average sales prices of waterloo’s most expensive areas are $658,500 and $706,528. The trend of buying apartments is continuing to drop in demand. Condominiums styled apartments are anticipated to face the hardest decline in the market over the next year or so. Builders are expected to stop construction of these apartments in near future. Finished condominiums apartments are bought by investors which are then rent them to students. The demand for moderately prices houses has prompted the townhouse begins to increase. Young couples who cannot manage the high prices of houses find the townhouses meet their requirements.



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