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West Vancouver

West Vancouver is a municipality in Canadian Province British Columbia. It is located on the northwest side of the city of Vancouver. It is normally a residential district and the inhabitants that are living here are mostly retired. Some of the inhabitants commute to the city of Vancouver. There is no specific manufacturing industry working here by law. All commercial activities in West Vancouver are organized in a 25 block commercial district. It is featured with garages, gas stations, banks, shops, restaurants, small offices, and shops. All other daily life utilities and amenities are also provided in the district. This commercial region is probably known as Ambleside. West Vancouver also has the first mall in Canada named, Park Royal Shopping Centre.


Population and Demographics

West Vancouver has a population of 50.567 residents. The highest percentage of older peoples having age greater than 65 are located in West Vancouver. This percentage is about 22 percent which is greater than the percentage of 13 percent in other cities of Alberta. The top five occupations in west Vancouver are technical services, retail trades, health care, finance, and insurance along with educational services. A large part of the population deals with senior management as compared to inhabitants in other cities of the province.


Cultures in West Vancouver

Peoples having different religions and cultural norms are living in West Vancouver. The Aboriginal population is also present in West Vancouver. 17.5 percent of the population is Anglican, 5.8 percent of peoples are Muslims, 13.7 percent are Roman Catholics, 17.5 percent belong to United Church with respect to religion. Mother languages of peoples in West Vancouver are English spoken by 70 percent peoples and French that is spoken by 1.2 percent peoples. English and French are also other household languages. Inhabitants living in West Vancouver belong to different nations and have relocated from different parts of the world. Visible groups of minorities in the area are South Asian. Chinese, Latin American, Arab, West Asian, Korean, Japanese, etc.


Educational Background of City

About 17 public schools are operating within the premises of West Vancouver and are delivering knowledge to students.  All these schools are working under the supervision of School District 45 West Vancouver. There are 6 high schools that provide education up to grade 10 from kindergarten. Besides these public schools, 4 private schools are also working in the city. Peoples from other areas like North Vancouver, Squamish, Sunshine Coat visit these schools of West Vancouver. The literacy rate is comparatively high in West Vancouver. About 80 percent of inhabitants attend post-secondary educational institutions.


Average household income of the city

West Vancouver also named as west van have a very suitable monthly household income that is sufficient to fulfill the need of the inhabitants. The average household income of West Vancouver is $ 107,000.


Communities in West Vancouver

It is a family-oriented area and promotes strong ties between neighbors. A lot of communities are present in West Vancouver and it is divided into three sectors as upper West Vancouver, Waterfront West, and Waterfront East. All are well equipped and offer everything that you need.



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