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Whitby, Ontario


Demographics in Whitby are distinguished mainly by rapid population growth. According to 2006 census, population of the town was 111,184 residents which is high as compared to 2001 Statistics when total population was 87,413. This indicates population growth rate of over 27.2% in last five years. Number of residents was doubled since 1986.



As stated by 2006 Census, approximately 17.0% of the population of whitby is categorized as a visible minority, with Black (6.1%), South Asian (3.3%) and Chinese (1.9%) populations developing the largest individual groups. The data of 2011 census has shown that English is the mother tongue of 83.7% residents of Whitby, while native speakers of French make up 1.7% of the population. Of immigrant languages, only Italian is the mother tongue of more than 1% of the population (1.4%). Average household income for Whitby was $103,809 in 2015.


Median household income

The median individual income in Whitby elevated by nearly 8% from roughly $35,000 in 2010 to $37,700 in 2015. During this time, Bank of Canada’sConsumer price index (CPI) measure for inflation in Canada increased by 8.7%. By comparison, in 2015 the median individual income for Ontario was $33,500, and $32,500 for the GTHA5. Within Durham, Whitby had the highest individual median Income ($42,200) followed by Clarington ($41,800) and Uxbridge ($39,600). In GTHA, Halton Region had the highest average income ($42,600). In 2015, median household income in Durham was just under $90,000. Median family income was roughly $103,000. Income for people aged 15 years and over who are not in economic families was $37,521.



Whitby merges calm atmosphere of small town with amenities and sophistication of large urban center. Culture and art contribute notably to the quality and essence of life in whitby by encouraging family enjoyment, health, learning, creativity, and community interaction. Many art and culture assets are present in whitby including lynde house museum and visitor center in downtown whitby and whitby public library. Citizens and tourists enjoy displays and art exhibition at the station gallery and local theatrical programs offered by the whitby courthouse theater. The centennial theatre is home to whitby courthouse theatre and whitby brass band. It is also a center for Whitby’s arts and culture community. There are arts and cultural events in whitby throughout the year that integrate art, theatre, music and activities for all ages.


Real estate

Prices in Whitby increased by 4.0% since August 2018 and rose 1.6% since July 2019. Toronto Real Estate Board’s (TREB) overall market posted a 3.6% annual increase (-1.8% monthly). Average prices for all of houses were 792,611 Whitby Region prices showed a yearly increase, though with much less volatility. The latest market statistics indicate average whitby property at $614,362 that is up from last month’s 604,938 by $9,424 (+1.6%).



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