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White Rock

White Rock is located in British Columbia, a Canadian province. It is considered as a member of the municipality of Metro Vancouver. South Surrey surrounds  White Rock on three sides and white rock also borders the Bay of Semiahmoo. Near a glacier erratic, promenade, a large white boulder on the beach of the city of White rock is present that led to this name of the city. White Rock experienced the booming due to the construction of Highway 99 and the opening of the George Massey Tunnel. The climate of the white rock remains calm and moderate in the whole year that is the reason peoples tend to migrate towards the city and feel easy here.


Population and Demographics

According to 2016 report, the population of White Rock has different cultures and civilizations. People located here include South Asian, Chinese, Arab, Black, Filipino, Latin American, Southeast Asian, West Asian, Japanese, Korean, etc. All these visible minorities are present in a percentage of 15.7 percent. 3.2 percent is the total aboriginal population and round about 80.1 percent are Europeans. All these types of people and cultures are present in the white rock and have relocated here for raising their family and living a standard and quality life.


Communities in the city

Some of the finest neighborhoods of Canada are found in White rock and these communities provide you everything according to your taste and interest. Some of the famous communities are Claremont that contains normally 2 to 3 bedroom houses, Forest Hill neighborhoods, Lake highlands, Lake Park neighborhoods, Little Forest Hill, Crescent Beach, Elgin Chantrell that is a booming community, Morgan Creek, etc. All these are perfect places to be visited and these should be selected for your livelihood.


Average Household Income in White Rock

The average household income of White Rock, British Columbia, is $ 62344. This average income per house is less than the national income per house. All houses are considered to have this average income.


Cultures in White Rock  

White Rock is regarded as a very dynamic and vibrant city in terms of cultural and arts events. It is because peoples belonging to different cultural norms are inhabiting the city. The most common inhabitants are Christian; Roman Catholics are in greater number. Other groups of minorities that are visible include Jewish, Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists from China, Filipino, etc.


Educational Background

A number of educational institutions are working within the boundaries of White Rock that offer quality education and are perfect for securing the educational future of your children. Different elementary and secondary schools are operating in the city. Eaten Arrow smith school white rock is a famous public school in the city settlement. White Rock Christian academy also occupies a distinctive position in the city regarding the education and training of athletes.


Every year in the month of July, Tour de White Rock is hosted in the city that is a bicycle road race and acts as a great source of attraction for international and local riders.



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