Condo Market Analysis in Beaches area, Toronto


Condos in Beaches Area, Toronto

Beaches is also famous as The Beach due to the presence of 4 beaches on Lake Ontario. It is a neighborhood in Toronto, Canadian Province. The beaches are considered as a part of the central east district of Toronto. Four sections are present on the lakefront that are Woodbine Beach, Kew Beach, Scarbro Beach, Balmy Beach. It is home to about 20 thousand inhabitants. It is featured with a strong sense of community building, it is featured with vintage shops, independent cafes, and retail shops. Its condos will not cost cheap due to the presence of commercial lots and houses. It has a very low rate of crimes and is also a hub to many schools and parks.


Famous Condos in the region

The beaches area is a place where a diverse range of peoples lives with different monthly incomes. So a wide range of condos are available here for sale and peoples having different monthly incomes can find a thing of their interest easily. Famous condominium buildings include The kew, 66 Kippendaive Ave; The Beach Condominiums, 1765 Queen St. E; Academy Lane Lofts, 1852 Queen St.; 101 Hammersmith, 101 Hammersmith Ave; One Rainsford; 123 Woodbine Avenue Condos, etc.


Average Price of Condos in region

The residential property in this neighborhood is affordable as compared to other neighborhoods of Toronto. These residential condos are considered as an excellent place for living. The condos available here for sale offers 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, or 2 bedrooms along with 2 bathrooms. The condos for sale in the Beaches area range from a very reasonable cost of $ 4250000 to $ 2157000. All the condos for sale are equipped with all the amenities and you can find anything here.


Features of Beaches Area

This area also has numerous attractions including Kew Garden that is located between Queen St. and Boardwalk. It is home to Beaches International Jazz Festival that is a source of attraction for thousands of peoples in the month of July every year R.C. Harris Filtration Park is the best Industrial Art Deco architecture of Toronto.  


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Things to do in the Beaches Area

  • The beaches offer an extensive open area and greenery system along its front path. Various green spaces are found here for relaxing and to have a picnic and visitors find these green areas appealing in the four local beaches. The famous parks in the region are Kew Gardens, Ash bridges Bay Park, Balmy Beach Park, and Woodbine Beach Park. You can go to these parks to enjoy yourself.
  • The beaches itself are the best spot to visit in summer. You can go there to enjoy a swim because they are home to a sandy area along with the front view of the lake.

It is no amazing that the food scene on beaches is on fire because the neighborhood has an urban environment and accommodates diverse inhabitants. Numerous places are present here where you can go for dining such as Hog Town Smoke, Green Eggplant, Xola Mexican Food, Vivetha Bistro, Thai House Cuisine, etc.

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