Condo Market Analysis in King West Village, Toronto


Condos in King West Village, Toronto

The answer to Toronto to Sublime Soho village of New York is King West Village. It is the epicenter of a large city community and lifestyle. Its neighbor is Niagara that is the home to the fashion district of Toronto. King West Village is considered an excellent neighborhood because it offers the easiness of marrying the residential and commercial spaces together. It is a place that is the hub of various buildings featured with a lot of offers and if you are attracted by a condominium life, this spot can be your choice. The peoples who are looking for a place that not only suits their busy routine and social lifestyle but also be brushed with unique styles, King west may be a suitable neighborhood for you.


Condos in the King West Village for sale

Famous condos in King West Village for sale that are located at primary positions are 85 East Liberty St. that is a 1 bedroom condominium; 50 Lynn Williams St.; 51 East Liberty St.; 150 East Liberty St.; 5 HANNA AVE 639; 100 Strachan Ave; 28 Douro St; etc. The condos at these locations are having 1 bedroom or 2 bedrooms and all are available at reasonable prices.


Average Prices of Condos in the King West Village

The average price in the King West Village is nearly similar to those available at other neighborhoods in Toronto. If you opt to buy a single bedroom condominium in King West, you should keep the range of your budget between 565000 $ to 699900 $. This is the average price range of a single unit with one bedroom and one bathroom. If your desire is to buy a condo with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, the average price will lie in between $ 653000 to $ 799000. So these prices are comparatively less than the condo’s prices in other neighborhoods.


Features of the Neighborhood

Here plentiful opportunities and choices are present, you just have to decide about strolling in the streets. The streets are adorned with high profile retailers, fashion designing, home furnishing shops, and lavishing boutiques. Numerous gathering areas are also available for having dinner or drink. The entertaining places are present at a walking distance such as Toronto’s entertainment district, Rogers Center, and Air Canada Center which are loved by sports fans and music fans, etc. Vibrant art scenes can be viewed in the studios and art galleries located here.


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Things to do here

Here numerous places are present that you can choose for dining and enjoying yourself. You can opt to go to Rodney’s Oyster House, Thompson Diner, Cibo Wine Bar, Beast Restaurant, Le select, and Jacobs & Co steakhouse for having a delicious meal or dinner.

Different patios and Rooftops are also present in King west such as Lavelle, Kost with an infinity pool, and also offer CN towers, Ovest. The citizens etc. You can also go to have a 360-degree view of the city of Toronto from CN tower and can enjoy a view and delicious meal from the top.

So in short King West Village is an excellent place to live and raise your family.

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