Condo Market Analysis in Liberty Village, Toronto


Condos in Liberty Village, Toronto

Liberty Village is an excellent neighborhood in Toronto, Canadian province Ontario. It is a hub of design and art studios. Many design and music firms have grown here to provide jobs to the numbers of peoples who have relocated here due to the charm of this neighborhood, Liberty Village. Liberty Village is a place to stop and has different, high standard condos with excellent amenities. Mostly the condos in Liberty Village are found in the north-east corner of the Liberty Village.


Famous Condos in the Liberty Village

Famous available condos in the real estate can be found using these institutions or agencies: King West Condominiums, Vibe Condos, Liberty on the park, Liberty Market Tower, Massey Square Condos, Garrison Point Condos. All these are located at the prime positions and are beautifully designed places.


Average Prices of Condos in Liberty Village

Liberty Village is a whole world in itself and numerous condos could be bought here at reasonable amounts. In January 2020, the average sale price of condos was a little bit more than 641000 dollars. It is much less as compared to the average prices in other neighborhoods of Toronto. A few condos such as a two-bedroom house is available at a price less than the average price, by all these are just co-incidences that you may become able to buy a house at a price less than the average price.

The average rental prices of condos in Liberty village that have 1 bed-room ranges from $ 1500 to $ 2000. Similarly, if you want a 2 bedroom apartment the average price ranges from $ 2500 to $ 3000.


Features and Highlights of the Liberty Village

Every business and amenity is accessible by residents of the Liberty Village. All the facilities are present on a drive of few minutes. A main and stunning event on the weekend is “Brunch”. There are different dining stations and shopping sites such as Caffino, Athlete’s Kitchen, EQ3 Toronto, and West Elm. The nearby LCBO and metro make things easy for pedestrians. Different fitness centers also offer different services from yoga, barre, and cross fit. Residents use to visit places such as Mildred’s Temple Kitchen, Patios at the Brazen Head, and William’s Landings in the summer season.


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Things to do in the Liberty Village

Liberty Village is known for its historical architecture, it is also a place where residential and commercial areas are mingled with bars. restaurants, and services. The best things that you can do in Congo are as follows:

  • You can visit a small green outdoor park, Liberty Village Park, to kill your boredom that is located near King Street West and Strachan Avenue.
  • Indoor Rock Climbing is available in the region since 1990, and if you are in love with rock climbing and you are new to the sport you can join Joe Rock Head’s Indoor Climbing.

You can soak up the sun on Patio, enjoy a craft beer, buy vegetables at the market of a farmer, shop at West Elm, or EQ3.

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