Condominium Market Outlook for Guelph


Guelph, Ontario


Listings active on market

A number of listings of Guelph, Ontario are active in market. The most active listings for the sale of condos, townhouses and detached houses are 201 Silurian Drive,4 Primrose Lane, 309-25 Kay Crescent, 302 West College Avenue, 2129 Gordon Street, 85 North Stevenson Street, Ferman Drive, Carrington Place, Rickson Avenue, Auden Road and many more. These listings offer a number of houses to buyers depending upon their needs as some of the houses having 1 or 2 bedrooms are for sale while some people want to avail the opportunity to live in a large spacious home with many bedrooms.


The Average price for condos

The ever increasing demand of houses has exerted a pressure on the values of real estate with the average price of homes for sale in Guelph is approximately $502,659 because prices of houses are increased up to almost 92%. The seller market is advancing rapidly as almost 71% of houses have been sold. The median income of this city is approximately $77,984 according to recent statistical report. This is a perfect place for buyers as some of its neighborhoods are included in the list of top most affordable while some others are in list of least affordable.


What can you buy and for how much

A person can buy a house of small and large number of bedrooms depending upon his need. A buyer can buy a small house in approximately $254,900 while he has to pay $685,000 if he wants to get a well-furnished home in a spacious area along with a large number of bedrooms. A buyer can buy a condo, townhouse, detached house or a bungalow in this city.


What buyers can expect to pay & what they get

It is expected from buyers to pay the complete amount of house and in return, they will gain equity and value along with the ownership of house. Small houses or condos are available in between $300,000 to $400,000. It seems quite expensive than renting a house in any part of country but as you have to buy house only for once and then you can enjoy the perks of ownership throughout lifetime. People can buy the houses of their own choice in their favorite area.


Best area in this city to buy

The best places to buy in Guelph, Ontario are Gallery Town because houses are available at cheap prices there. This area has also a number of recreational places such as parks for the entertainment of families to get relief from the hectic routine of daily life.

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