Condos for Sale in the Range of $100,000 to $300,000 in White Rock


White Rock

White Rock is a Canadian City, located in British Columbia. This city is named after a large boulder that is present on its beach near the promenade. A promenade is a glacial erratic which migrated to the south during the last glaciation.


White Rock is a member municipality of Metro Vancouver Regional District. This city borders Semiahmoo Bay to the south side and is surrounded on 3 sides by surrey.


The weather in White Rock is very comfortable. Average temperatures in the city vary greatly. Considering temperatures feel cold and humidity for almost half of the year, this city is, otherwise, nice and pleasant with a chance of snow or rain throughout the most part of the year.


Affordable houses to live in White Rock

The amazing thing about White Rock is that this city offers you a number of different housing styles at very reasonable prices. You can buy single-family attached and detached houses/apartments,

townhouses, condominiums, etc.


The single-family houses are single-family residential houses. You might also be wondering if a single-family residential property that hosts many units can also be considered a single-family house or not. The answer is that a residential structure on a single lot that contains 2 big apartments upstairs and a primary residence downstairs is also a single-family home.


A townhouse is basically a row house. It can be 2-3 houses in a row but in the U.S and Canada, these are called semi-detached homes. The townhouses can be side by side present in a row of 3 or more houses. That’s why these houses are sometimes called row houses.


Another amazing housing style in White Rock is Condominium. A condominium is a private residence that can be rented out to be tenants, it can be an apartment/ flat or can also be an independent house. But in White Rock condos are referred to as apartments and flats only.


Condo Range in $100K to $300K and Market Condition of White Rock

The most affordable housing style in White Rock is condominium houses. You can buy a well-constructed condominium apartment within the range of $100K to $300K. I can give you a number of examples.


A condominium of 2 beds and one bath for a single-family is available for sale at 1429 MERKLIN STREET 206, White Rock, British Columbia. This well-constructed condominium apartment is worth only $300, 000.

If you want a little bigger apartment then you can buy a 2 bed and 2 bath condos at 15111 RUSSELL AVENUE 604, White Rock, British Columbia. This house is worth only $298,000.  You can buy many such condominiums in different parts of White Rock.


The real estate market of White Rock is growing. As of Apr 22, 2022There are almost 424 residential properties for sale at an average of almost $1,502, 421. If you want to buy a house in White Rock then this season of 2022 would be very good for buying. Continued housing inventory shortages and healthy demand for houses are driving the real estate market of White Rock.



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