Condos in Range in $100K to $300K and Real Estate Market Condition of Kamloops



Kamloops is a city located in south-central British Columbia at the confluence of 2 branches east of Kamloops Lake and Thompson River. It is situated in Thompson-Nicola Regional District, the district offices of which are based here. The surrounding reason is commonly known as Thompson Country.


Kamloops city is one of the 4 markets in Alberta where houses for sale are generally aligned with the local earnings, as represented by a study of the 20 B.C. markets by the research on real estate and the data website Zoocasa.


Kamloops is located in a beautiful location. It has a wonderful view. Life here is also very affordable if we compare it with New York and other Canadian cities. So, if you have any plans of shifting to Canada then you must consider Kamloops first place.


Market condition of Kamloops

There were almost 198 active housing listings at the end of last year. This was approximately up 5.3 percent from the end of 2019.  Active housing listings will be almost 612 units at the end of 2021. This was a large decrease of 32.4 percent from the end of 2019.  Active residential listings have never been this down in December in over 25 years.


The real estate market of Kamloops city is very competitive. The forecast said that the housing price will increase steadily this year. This price will be almost 10.6 percent higher in the next 12 months. Like the rest of Canada, the real estate market of Kamloops has increased suddenly to new heights since the middle of 2020.


Almost 305 residential units have been recorded in September 2021, according to MLS System of Kamloops and District real estate board. While this value is 11.6 % less than September of last year, it is still 7% above the 5 year average and 20.3% above the 10 year average for September which proves that the real estate market of Kamloops is still on fire.


Condominiums in Range from $100K to $300K

A condominium is a legal name that is utilized in many provinces of Canada. This term is also referred to as “divided co-property” in Quebec and “strata title” in British Columbia. However the colloquial name of this property remains as Condominium.

The average price of condominiums that were sold in December of 2020 was about $472,131. This was a rise of almost 17 percent from the December of 2019. Whenever you buy a condominium house, you can get a loss and profit share in almost all the utilities of the condominium community.


Condominiums are the most affordable houses in Kamloops. It has a number of advantages in which popularity over time is the best advantage of these houses. There are a number of condos available for sale in Kamloops.

A one bed and one bath condominium is available for sale at 503-444 ST PAUL STREET, #503, Kamloops, V2COL2. The cost of this house is only $264,900. Similarly another one bed and one bath condo is available for sale at 420-444 ST PAUL STREET, #420, Kamloops.



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