Condos in Range in $100K to $300K and Real Estate Market Condition of Squamish



Squamish is a district municipality and a community present in the province of Canada in British Columbia, situated at the north end of the Howe Sound on Sea to Sky Highway. The population of Squamish city is 19,893 inhabitants.


Squamish has an amazing education system. It has almost 5 English language public elementary schools which includes Garibaldi Highlands Elementary, Valley Cliffe Elementary, Brackendale Elementary and Squamish Elementary school. Families who are concerned about the educational career of their children generally prefer Squamish city.


Moreover, the cost of living in Squamish is very affordable. You don’t have to live in a rented house in the city as you can buy your own house.


Market condition of Squamish

In June of 2020 there were almost 17 sales of the detached houses and 109 active residential listings in Squamish city. Almost $977100 was the benchmark sales price. At the end of last month, the condominium market had 64 active listings and 17 sales. Almost $502700 was the benchmark sales price.


The townhouse market has almost 43 active residential listings and 16 sales. And this time almost $681,500 was the benchmark price. It is the seller market for condominiums and townhouses in Squamish.


The average price for a condominium house in the city is almost $399,000. The condominium has one bathroom and one bedroom and approximately 574 sq ft situated in Squamish city. Another condominium price is $599,000. This condo has 2 baths, 2 beds and approximately 985 sq ft situated in Britannia beach.


The real estate market of Squamish is successful because of its best areas like upper Squamish, aptly named Paradise Valley and Ring Creek, all of these are present in rural Squamish. Housing properties here usually offer you true homes that are close to nature. With quiet forests and streams, the lush green environment of these areas causes a spell on you.


Condominium in range between $100k to $300k

You can buy a condominium house for living at reasonable prices in Squamish. You can enjoy your life in your own house in Squamish. Also, this city has many retail shops that stock a huge range of gifts and goods for the whole family. Each of the stores has mountain friendly ski, snowboard gear, camping goods and apparels and outdoor tools by which you can enjoy many of your days out.


Moreover, condominiums are the most affordable houses in Canada. You can own a beautiful condo in the range between $100k to $300k. I can give you multiple examples of condos which are currently on sale in Squamish.


A two bed and 2 bath condominium are available for sale at 1 38247 WESTWAY AVENUE, Squamish, British Columbia. It is a well constructed condominium and has a cost of only $297K. Another 2 bed and 1 bath condo are listed for sale at B104 40120 WILLOW CRESCENT, Squamish, British Columbia. It is a beautifully architecture condominium and has a price of only $299K. Condominiums are mainly responsible for the aesthetic beauty of Squamish city.



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