Condos in Range in $100K to $300K and Real Estate Market Condition of Vancouver



Vancouver is a very major city located in western Canada. It is situated in the lower mainland area of British Columbia. It is the most populated city in the province, Alberta. It has the highest population per square kilometer. It is one of the most linguistically and ethnically diverse cities in Canada.


Vancouver city was one of the 1st cities in Canada to enter in the international sister cities arrangement. Special types of arrangements for economic, social and cultural benefits have been created in these sister cities. Families who want to settle in Canada prefer Vancouver city due to its affordability and reasonable utility cost.


Market condition in Vancouver

According to the real estate board of the Greater Vancouver the November house sales have increased by approximately 12% from the last year as there is a continued demand to outpace the supply.


According to the B.C board the sales for the month increased to 3428 from 3,064 November of last year but decreased from 3,494 in October 2021. The board also says that the sales of last month were 33.6 % higher than the 10 year average of November.


The number of houses listed for sale in Vancouver has reached 7,144 last month, a 35.7 % decrease from 11,118 in November last year and a 11.1% fall from 8,034 in October this year. The benchmark price for a house in the city hit almost $1,211,2000, a rise of 16% from October 2021.


It is said by the board of economists that the figures represent that the sales of homes will come to an end this year, an all time record for Vancouver city.


Condominium in range between $100 to $300k

The condominium is commonly known as a condo, a large housing unit that consists of apartment type buildings that generally exist in the state of Canada. The only difference between apartments and condominiums is the ownership, you cannot own an apartment so they can only be rented while condominiums can be owned.


In the 3rd largest crowded area in the Western Canada, Vancouver, you can find a huge rise in the housing prices from the previous decade. And these condominiums are the only option for the families asking for buying their own house. In the last year, 14,500 condominium units were auctioned with an improvement of 2032 condominiums from 2019. A project is also planned for 2021 to sell out 15,600 condos.


One of the single family condominiums is available for sale at 3078181 CHESTER STREET, Vancouver, British Columbia. It is a beautiful one bed and one bath condominium the cost of this condominium is only $289K. Similarly, you can also buy a fully furnished condominium at 202 1720 BARCLAY STREET, Vancouver, British Columbia. The cost of this apartment is only $ 300k.


Likewise, you can also find a condominium at 505 8888 OSLER STREET, Vancouver, British Columbia. It is also an amazing two bed and two bath condominium with the cost of only $296K.



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