Condos in Range in $100K to $300K and Real Estate Market Condition of Victoria



Victoria is a capital city of a province in Canada of British Columbia, located on the south tip of Vancouver Island off the Pacific coast of Canada. It is the seventh most heavily populated city in Canada with almost 4,405.8 individuals per square km.


The flourishing economy of Victoria is due to its industries. The chief industries of the city are food products, education, technology, federal and provincial government administration and the other services. These industries are the source of income to a number of Victoria’s inhabitants.


The city has an amazing education system. It has many schools including the Victoria college of art, high school programs and the Canadian college of performing arts. So, if you are planning to settle in Victoria City then this will be the best decision of your life.


Market condition of Victoria

The current driving demands of Victoria City are move-up buyers which is also expected to continue this year. Single detached houses are the most famous housing style with the move-up buyers. The homebuyers are expected to find houses with little more space for their home offices and gyms in 2021.


The real estate market of Victoria City is expected to remain balanced at the end of 2020 with the market condition of sellers such as the low days on the housing market and several offers in desirable locations. A rise of 3 percent in average residential sale price is predicted in Victoria City, British Columbia for the rest of year.


The real estate market of Victoria is expected to continue as a market of sellers in 2021 because of high demand and low inventory. However, the economic impact of coronavirus can push the buyers out of the real estate market. The seller’s housing market like conditions are also expected to continue this year.


Victoria’s average sales price is increased by 11 percent to $778,854 in 2020 as compared to $702,310 in 2019. In 2021 there is a rise of approximately 5 percent in the average housing price of Victoria City to almost $817,796.70.


Condominiums in range between $100K to $300K

Condominium is one the famous construction styles of Canadian houses. It is a set of housing units where the owners can own their individual housing unit and all of the dwellings share the ownership of common area inuse. The individual housing units usually share their walls but that is not a requirement.


You can find stunning condominiums in Victoria City within the above mentioned range. I can give you a number of examples like a tow bed and two bath single family condominium house is available at 1101 Hilda St 405, Victoria, British Columbia. It is a beautiful single family condominium with a cost of only $289K.


Similarly, another two bed and two bath condominium is available for sale at 1015 ROCKLAND AVE, Victoria, British Columbia. You can purchase this perplexing condominium for only $259K. So you can have a wonderful life style in Victoria in your own condominium house.



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