Condos in Range in $100K to $300K and Real Estate Market Condition of West Vancouver


West Vancouver

West Vancouver is a municipality present in British Columbia, Canada. This city is the member municipality of Metro Vancouver Regional District. It is located on the northwest side of Vancouver city and the northeast shore of Howe Sound and also on the northern side of the English bay. West Vancouver is adjoined to its east by the District of North Vancouver.


West Vancouver is a safer district municipality than other ones. Ratio of virtual crime rates in the city is also very low. West Vancouver, no doubt, takes the top spot for the best cities in British Columbia. Besides the affordable cost of living here, it is one of the most transit-friendly and pedestrian cities in the nation as well.


So, if you have any plan to settle in BC then you must consider West Vancouver first place.


Market Condition of West Vancouver

The housing market of West Vancouver is expected to be the buyers market by experts this year. The activity from the foreign buyers is limited in the city because of the pandemic due to COVID-19. However West Vancouver is expecting to shift back towards local buyers. Low interest rates and low inventory are expected to leave a large impact on the real estate market in 2021.


In this city, the average selling price has declined approximately 1 percent to $1,949 880 between January 1 to October 31 in the last year, decreasing from approximately $1,969,356 in 2019. There is a rise of almost 3 percent which is about &2,008,377.83 across all of the housing properties of West Vancouver. This data is represented by RE/MAX outlook.


A recent statistic shows that this district municipality has an average housing price of approximately $2,638,369. There are almost 39 new active housing listings in West Vancouver in the previous 28 days.


The average sold price in West Vancouver this year was $2.5M which shows a monthly change of almost 1.6 percent and a quarterly change of almost 2.3 percent and yearly change of almost 4.4 percent.


Condominium in range between $100K to $300K

Condominiums are very affordable in West Vancouver. If you are going to buy a condo in this district municipality then you can expect almost $1,044 per sq ft for a condominium and almost $1,279 per sq ft for a single family detached house. The median housing prices for condominiums in West Vancouver is reasonable than all other housing styles.


You can easily buy a condominium in West Vancouver in the above mentioned range. These are the most versatile architectural styles in this district municipality. I can give you multiple examples of condominiums which are currently on sale.

A single family condominium is available for sale at 2119 BELLEVUE AVENUE 205, West Vancouver, British Columbia. It is a two bed and two bath condos with a total covering area of 801 sq ft. The cost of this well constructed condominium is only $287K. You can find many condos in different parts of West Vancouver.



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