Don’t let your real estate agent take pictures themselves to save costs!


Every home seller knows that it’s best to post lots of photos of your house and property if you want to get the most interest from potential buyers. So, is it a good idea to let your real estate agent or maybe even just your brother in law or anyone out there take the pictures for you so you can save money? Or is it best to get a professional photographer to do the job?


Quality is Better than Quantity

A picture is worth a thousand words, this is very true! But when it comes to home photography that picture could be worth thousands of dollars, not words! When money is on the line, you want the best possible quality when it comes to taking photos you need to sell your home.

All pictures are NOT equal. If the photos of your home are blurry, at a bad angle, too dark or too light, or otherwise don’t show your house in the best possible way, then either it won’t sell at all or you might not get your asking price. If you don’t use a professional photographer, then chances are whomever you get to do the job won’t really know what they are doing and even if they want to do their best for you, they don’t have the proper skills, know-how or the best gear for the job like a pro would have.


Potential Home Buyers Love Photos

When someone is looking for their dream home, research shows the first thing they want is to see lots of photos of the house they are considering buying. Studies showed that more than 95 percent of potential home buyers took a look at the photos on a listing first prior to checking out anything else. If they liked the way the house looks, then they are more willing to check out all the other facts and info listed.

This is especially the case for when you are attempting to sell a house online. Research showed that over 90 percent of home buyers look online to find houses to look at. If you don’t have professional looking pictures on your listing, they will just keep on browsing and not look at your house for more than a few seconds, if at all.


Professional Photos Earn Sellers a Higher Bottom Line

Research has also shown that if you hire a professional photographer rather than having your real estate agent take the photos of your home, then it can potentially net you thousands more dollars in the final earnings you make when the sale is over.  It will also potentially double the number of people who are interested in your home, which could mean a possible bidding war that could really make your bottom line soar!


What’s the difference between amateur and professional photos?

It really isn’t hard for someone to tell if the photos on your home sale listing are professional or taken by someone who doesn’t know what they are doing. For one thing, a professional photographer knows all the vital elements to include in great home pictures that help to sell the house. They know how to take a photo of something as mundane as your kitchen cabinets, for instance, and shoot them at an angle or with the proper lighting that makes them look like the most awesome cabinets on the Internet.

A professional photographer also knows how to compose a photo to be able to capture an emotion you want the potential buyers to see when they look at your home listing. You want them to fall in love with your house from the second they set eyes on it, and a professional photographer knows how to do this via using the proper composure and then staging it and ensuring it is done at the right time of day, etc.

Plus, the professional won’t just hand you a few snapshots. They will be able to take the images back to their studio and edit them to make them look perfect. You’d be amazed at what today’s photo software can do to improve photos!

When all is said and done, hiring a professional photographer will actually make you money, and you won’t save a thing by letting your real estate agent do it. After all, would you ask a photographer to help you list and sell your house? No! So don’t ask the real estate agent to take pictures. Happy home selling and good luck!

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