Electric Stove top vs. Gas stove top: why gas is better


In case you are planning to build your own house or maybe you have an idea of renovating it, there will be infinity decisions that you will have to deal with. The most important and common decisions will be taken in terms of the kitchen. When you think about the kitchen the first thought will be about which stove you need in your kitchen.

You have two options to go with, one is the gas stove and the other is an electric stove. You might get confused in taking this decision because you might not have the idea that which one will be better for you. The factors to keep in mind are cost-effectiveness, depends on your usage, you have to keep in mind the pros and cons of both options along with your suitability.

Here is a comparison of both in order to help you choose according to your needs and preferences


  1. The Electric Stove

Advantages: If we talk in the context of cleaning up the mess, then we can give our vote to the electric stove if it’s the flat cooktop one. It is obvious that no one likes to see the mess on the shelves, even it is the mess of boiled water spilled on the stove. You have to then use different cleaning products in order to clean the stove.

In terms of appearance, there are many sleek and tidy designs available in it. The electric stoves that come with the coil burners, are not that hectic to clean but they consume a lot of time. You have to clean the mess by lifting the top of the stove and then clean underneath. They can be less in price than the gas ones.

Disadvantages: One of the biggest drawbacks of the electric stoves is the functionality, they sometimes trouble you with the cooking because it cooks unevenly. In this matter of performance, gas stoves are definitely better.


  1. The Gas Stove

Advantages: It lets you cook the food properly, you do not have to worry about the uneven cooking. You can reduce the heat whenever you want, and increase it too as per your requirements. This is the best part about using the gas stove that you can manage the level of heat, by just looking at the flame. Gat stove is definitely better than electric stove in the matter of keeping a steady temperature.

Disadvantages: Gas stoves are not preferred for people with allergies and asthma. They require you to be extra careful. When you turn it to the lowest flame, it might end up switching it off and this can be annoying some times.

Looking at the above-mentioned pros and cons, it is suggested that you should go for a gas stove and you will not regret your decision of doing so. As there are many drawbacks of going with the electric stove top so you should go for the gas stove top.

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