Enjoy gardening in your backyard


Gardening is one of those activities, where once you give all your time, love and care, it will keep  on rewarding you with pleasure and peace in return.  It’s an activity which gives back. Some people take up gardening as a hobby as planting or growing plants brings them serenity and gives them a sense of achievement as well. It’s true that gardening feeds the body and soul.


What well-being does home gardening bring?

The best part about gardening is that it can be done indoors and outdoors as well. Home gardening sure is exhausting but the efforts make it all worth it. With extreme cold temperatures and seasons which limit growth and thriving, gardening can be quite hard in Canada. Just like many things, it sure can be tough but not impossible. This is why people take advantage of the short summers that Canada brings.  Wanting to flaunt a lavish green lawn in your backyard is definitely a dream that can come true; but you have to get your hands a little dirty first. From small pot plants to beautiful gardens in the backyard, gardening can vary from form to form and be equally rewarding. Home gardening is something everyone should try and here is why:


  • You’re in charge of the whole process

You know and control what goes into your produce.  You have full control over the fertilizers, the chemicals, the type of chemicals and the amount of chemicals used in the whole process. Or if you’d rather skip using fertilizers, that’s up to you as well. Having your own garden lets you pick your product whenever you want to use it. Organic produce found in markets are usually grown using unknown pesticides and chemicals and also sold long after being picked. The ripeness of the produce is then compromised.  Compared to vegetables and fruits found in stores, homegrown produce is definitely a more comfortable and healthier choice.


  • You’re helping the environment!

Now, we all know that plants help in producing more oxygen by taking in carbon dioxide but that’s not all that plants do. Gardening helps a lot in reducing noise and air pollution, reduces waste that is produced by us, helps in cleaning water and preventing erosion especially if you avoid using chemicals; this water is then used up by your plants. We all have a choice in making our home, the earth, a healthier and positive place. The choice is ours.


  • You save your time and money

Making a vegetable salad using your own homegrown fruits and vegetables saves you the time and money from visiting a store and buying them. Other than spending money on quality fertilizers, tools and seeds, you can save a lot of money from a single plant. Having a garden gives you a chance to add a more personalized experience by trying out new recipes from scratch using your own produce.


  • Gives a sense of accomplishment

When you see your garden grow from nothing but a boring, plain ground to green plants which grow your fruits and vegetables, that sight gives you a sense of achievement. This gives your mental health a positive boost as it makes you feel capable and relaxed at the same time.

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