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Abbotsford is the city present in British Columbia. This city is an affordable city to live in. It offers houses at more reasonable real estate as compared to Vancouver city which makes this place very attractive for Vancouver people. The first snowfall arrives in December but can also show up early in November or October.


Average Housing Prices for townhomes, condos, and detached houses:

Abbotsford offers a number of houses at reasonable prices with different construction styles. The most common construction styles in Abbotsford city are detached houses, Townhomes, and condominiums. All of these construction styles are available with different numbers of beds.


The average housing price of detached houses in Abbotsford city is $1.2M. This is the average housing price ranging from 2 bed to 6-bed apartments. Within the range of the same number of beds, the townhouses have an average price of $625K. The condominiums have an average housing price of $373K. From this data, it can be concluded that condominium houses are the most affordable ones in Abbotsford city.


How Many days on average is the property for sale?

The current Abbotsford statistic indicates that Abbotsford city has an average sold price of $ 835K with almost 6.6 percent monthly change and 7.3 percent quarterly change. This change is almost 37.1 percent yearly change.


Almost 227 homes have sold out during the last 28 days. The city has an average of 10 days on the market. Abbotsford city has a 105 percent selling to price ratio.


How Fast the Real Estate Market is growing?

We can analyze the growth of the real estate market from the housing price in the city. According to Abbotsford real estate statistics, the average housing price of detached houses in the city is $1.2M. This price was $ 1.1M almost 3 months ago while this price was $ 984K.  If we have a look at the housing price of townhomes, the average housing price of this construction style is $625. This price was $556 K about three months ago while this price was $528K about 6 months ago. At first, if we look at the average housing price of condominiums then it is $373 K. This price was $346K about 3 months ago while this price was $335K about six months ago.


We can conclude two main points about the real estate market of Abbotsford. The first is that the Condominium construction style is the most affordable one in the city. The second is that housing prices of every construction style have increased over the past few months. Now we can analyze how fast the real estate market of Abbotsford is growing.


How Many Active Pre Construction Development in Abbotsford:

Abbotsford city has 571 new listings. The city has 12 new house developments in the city, a mix of low-rise and high-rise that are recently completed, planned, or under construction. Out of these 07 are condominium developments, with almost 915 units that are currently under construction. There is 1 single-family house development and 4 townhouses in Abbotsford. The median price is $396K.



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