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Revelstoke is a city in the southeastern part of British Columbia in Canada. Now, this city is popular for having downhill snow sports. Once upon a time, this city was a place known for ski jumping. This city is worth the stop.


The total living cost in Revelstoke is about 1,719. In this city, the average rent for a 1 bedroom apartment is about $1,181 per month with a utility cost of about $ 123 per month. So, we can say that this is a very affordable city to live in Canada.


Average Housing Prices for townhomes, condos, and detached houses:

The average cost of living in the town is $1623 and this cost seems to be very affordable if we look at the average monthly salary of a person in the city which is $2729, so the individuals can buy the houses according to their own affordability and need.


Total 16 townhomes are available for sale in the city. The average price of townhomes in the city with 3 beds and 2 baths with a total covering an area of about 1,548 sq ft is about $ 649,000. Obviously, this price would be high for townhouses with more beds, baths, and covered areas. The average price of detached houses with 4 beds and 3 baths is about $989,000. These detached houses are comparatively more expensive than those of townhomes. Out of all the architectural styles the condos are the most affordable one.


How Many days on average is the property for sale?

The average sold price in Revelstoke city is about $949K. This price represents a monthly change of 0.2 percent, a quarterly change of 0.9 percent, and a yearly change of 19 percent in the average sold price of Revelstoke.


There are about 67 homes sold out in the town in the last 28 days. This town has 15 average days on the market. One can easily sell out his house within a month.


How Fast the Real Estate Market is growing?

According to the BC assessments, Revelstoke has an average of a 7 percent rise in the assessed values of the property. Although this city did not see a great rise in the Kootenay area, Revelstoke has the 2nd most profitable properties on average in the area at a price of $546,000 for the dwellings of a single-family after Ferine. The rise in condominium prices was actually substantial. In the north of Okanagan, the prices rose up to 8.1% to about $248,900. In Shuswap, this value was almost up to 8.5% to $352,500. The price of Benchmark is comparable to the average median price. From the housing statistics of condominiums and their average price, we can predict how fast the real estate market of Revelstoke city is growing.


How Many Active Pre Construction Development in Revelstoke:

Revelstoke city has 1 new housing development, all of the high-rise that is under construction, planned or recently completed. This one housing development is a condo development.



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