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Squamish is a town in the north of Vancouver, present in British Columbia, Canada. It is located at the northern tip of an Island-dotted Howe sound. This town is surrounded by mountains like a large granite mountain and Stawamus Chief.


The total cost of living in Squamish town is about $2,268. The average rent in the town for a 1 bedroom apartment is $1,754 per month while per month the utility cost is $84. So, we can say that Squamish is one of the most affordable towns in British Columbia.


Average Housing Prices for townhomes, condos, and detached houses:

The most popular architectural home styles in Squamish are detached homes, townhomes, and condominiums. If we compare the average housing prices of these construction styles in Squamish then according to recent Squamish real estate statistics the most affordable ones are condominiums.


The average housing price of 6 bedrooms detached homes in town is $1.3M. Moving towards the townhomes then their average housing price is comparatively less at $921K. This price is the average of beds ranging from 1 bed to 4-bed houses. At last, the average price of condos is $594K. This is also the average price of condos with 1 bed, 2bed, and 3 bed.


How Many days on average is the property for sale?

The average sold price in Squamish town is $966K. This price represents a monthly change of 0.1 percent, a quarterly change of 0.9 percent, and a yearly change of 20 percent in the average sold price of Squamish.


There are about 49 homes sold out in the town in the last 28 days. This town has 12 average days on the market. The selling to price ratio of Squamish is 103 percent.


How Fast the Real Estate Market is growing?

The real estate market of Squamish predicts the housing price of different construction styles available with different numbers of beds. Recently, the average housing price of detached homes is $1.7 M with a +49 percent change. This price was $1.5M about three months ago and $1.3 M about six months ago. Similarly, if we see the average price of townhouses recently it is $ 914k. This price was $858K about three months ago while it was $740K about six months ago. At last, the average price of condos in the town is $506K. This price was $544K 3 months ago and $570K about six months ago.


From the above data, we have seen a rise in the average price of detached homes and townhomes while a small fall in the average price of condos. Now we can easily predict how fast the real estate market of Squamish is growing.


How Many Active Pre Construction Development in Squamish:

Squamish has almost 7 new housing developments, a mix of low-rise and high-rise that are recently completed, under construction, or are planned. Out of these 5 are condominium developments with almost 1148 units recently under construction. There are almost two single-family housing developments in the town with a medium price per square foot for the low-rise house is $536K.



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