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Nanaimo is a city in British Columbia, Canada. This city has used its amazing servicing, distribution industries, and trading. This beautiful and amazing west coast city is also known as Harbour City and this city also grants some of the best living conditions all over Canada. From cultural activities, outdoor activities, mild climate to the phenomenal schools, this city has something to offer people from all walks of life.


Statistic on Average Prices for Condos, Homes, and Townhouses:

Nanaimo has a wide range of housing choices varying from condos to waterfront estate. Due to the mountain’s terrain, so many properties provide amazing views and all the residents have easy access to the waterfront from the public access paths.


This city remains an affordable place to live and buy a house despite its population growth. The housing in this city is considered as more affordable and reasonable as compared to other nearby areas like Victoria etc. Recently 3 bed detached houses, townhouses, and condos at prices of $1.2M, $750K, and $ 620 K are available for sale in the city. Similarly, 4 bed detached houses are of price $ 1.6M and 4-bed townhouses of price $936K are available in the city for sale.


How Many Numbers of Properties Do They Offer?

As Nanaimo grows, the mix of housing is changing. There is a proportional increase in the multifamily housing type and a decrease in single-family housing units. Total, there were almost 44,965 dwelling housing units in Nanaimo.


The new listings of 2, 3, 4, and 5 bed detached houses in the city are 5, 82, 98, and 79 respectively. Similarly, 43 two bed, 110 3 bed, and 39 4 bed townhouses are currently available in the city for sale. If we talk about active listings of condos then Nanaimo has 52 one bed, 137 two bed abs 21 three-bed condominium houses available for sale.


How Fast Is The Real Estate Market Moving?

The real estate market of Nanaimo benefits due to direct ferry access to Vancouver BC and its close proximity to Victoria BC as well as the rich assortment of island and waterfront properties and the vacation houses in the area.


The real estate market statistics of Nanaimo represent an average house price of almost $453,967 in the city with 13 new listings in the previous 28 days. As of today, the real estate market statistics show the median days on the Nanaimo market is almost 46 days for a house. This city has a 98% selling to listing ratio.


The number of Active Pre Construction Developments in Nanaimo:

Nanaimo, with a living wage less than Vancouver, Victoria, and also incomparable areas, this city is an invigorating area to make a quality of living, explore, go out and come home.


Nanaimo has 6 new developments which are a mix of a low and high rise that is planned, recently completed, or under construction. Out of these 1 is apartment development and 3 are condo developments with almost 90 units under construction.



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